Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Aketra Sevillian

The actress shined as she faced devastation with grace.

aketra sevillian the days of our lives performer of the week.Aketra Sevillian as Talia Hunter.

Life was good for DAYS’ Talia until it suddenly wasn’t — and it was in that crushing lull that actress Aketra Sevillian put in some of her finest work to date.

Aketra Sevillian — Performer Of The Week

In scenes opposite Martha Madison [Belle Brady], Sevillian was bright and bubbly, full of vigor and verve. Talia was feeling lucky and so, so grateful. Her head was screwed back on straight, she had a job that she loved, and she was looking forward to her possible future with Chanel (Raven Bowens).

But then the boom was lowered. There was no future where she and Chanel were concerned — and that came as quite the surprise to Talia.

Even as Chanel explained that she hadn’t let Johnny (Carson Boatman) down when he came and declared his undying love to her, Sevillian plastered on a mask that telegraphed disbelief, utter confusion, and, was that a hint of betrayal?

As Chanel endeavored to elucidate, Sevillian let flow a single tear. Hurt and anger soon rose up to meet her sadness, Talia balked at what she perceived to be platitudes pouring forth from Chanel.

“I should have known everything was going way too well for me,” Sevillian blubbered adding, “It was just too good to be true,” and, “I don’t deserve you, Chanel, I know that.”

When Talia made for the exit she spun on her heels and addressed Chanel’s heartfelt apology with “Don’t be [sorry], okay. It’s my fault I should have never told you how I felt about you in the first place,” rather than spit the dialogue out like pointed venom, Aketra Sevillian made the lines self-deprecating, as if she was accepting full blame for the situation that had just unfolded.

And rather than petulant slam the door in a huff, Sevillian closed it ever so gently, perhaps hoping against hope that, before the deed was done Chanel would have called her back in and suggested they start again anew. All breakups should be so classy.

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