Pay Attention: Why Stephanie Johnson Should Be More Like Her DAYS Parents

Where did Steve and Kayla’s baby girl pick up her bad Days of our Lives habits?

stephanie johnson should be like her parents kayla and steve on days of our lives.If only Stephanie Johnson could be more like her parents.

In the beginning, Stephanie Johnson seemed like a wonderful addition to Days of our Lives. She has all the qualities necessary for an appealing young heroine. She’s smart, spirited, sexy, and sociable. But, lately, those positive qualities have been more and more frequently overshadowed by her less-than-appealing ones.

Days of our Lives: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

There is no nice way to put this: Stephanie (Abigail Klein) is very, very, very judgy. First, she didn’t approve of Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) player lifestyle. Who asked you, Stephanie?

Once she got over that and went to bed with Alex, we were subjected to weeks and weeks of Phone-Gate. Alright, we agree, Alex should not have turned off Stephanie’s phone. But he didn’t know her mother was dying. (And now her mother isn’t even dead!) Either way, it was hardly the worst thing anyone had ever done in Salem. No matter how much Stephanie kept acting like it was.

Here Comes the Judge

Now, Stephanie has shifted her judgment to Harris (Steve Burton). All right, we agree, Harris should not have lied to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) about finding Bo (Peter Reckell) at Victor’s (John Aniston) house in Greece. But Hope has already forgiven him. So what asked you, Stephanie?

Stephanie Johnson: Days of our Lives Role Models

What we really don’t understand is where Stephanie picked up this behavior. If there is one thing both of her parents, Steve (Stephan Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), know how to do, it’s forgiving. Take note of what they’ve dealt with.

Steve forgave Kayla for marrying his brother. Kayla forgave Steve for manipulating her into marrying his brother. Steve and Kayla both forgave Jack (Matthew Ashford) for raping her. Kayla forgave Steve for pretending to be dead for over a decade, and Steve forgave Kayla for whatever that was with Shane (Charles Shaughnessy) while Steve was “dead.” Our point is, Stephanie didn’t pick up her attitude at home. So hopefully she has left it in Greece.

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