Days of our Lives Good Boy: What’s Left Of Harris Michaels?

Can Hope work miracles even Beyond Salem?

days of our lives harris michaels has hope brady by the throatIs there any good left in Harris Michaels?

Hope Brady tried using her feminine wiles, this time on Days of our Lives instead of on Beyond Salem, to try to get information about Megan Hathaway out of Harris Michaels. He swore that she had no power against him. Oh, and he never loved her, so there!

Days of our Lives Polling

Why didn’t he kill her, then, when Megan ordered him to? He just wasn’t feeling it, that all. Now go away. Harris needs to keep sitting on his cot, staring at the wall. Hope left, be we suspect she’ll be back. Is she right? Is there still a good man trapped in there, beneath the brainwashing?

Harris Michaels: All In On Days of our Lives

Nah, he’s a goner, 14% dismiss. Megan (Miranda Wilson) managed to make Bo (Peter Reckell) forget that he ever loved Hope (Kristian Alfonso). And that was a love for the ages! Harris’ (Steve Burton) little fling with Detective Brady is nothing in comparison. Whatever used to be there, she’ll never get it back.

DOOL: Deep Down

There’s still good in Harris, a contrary 36% insist. Once again, we point you to Bo. If Megan could override all of his noble qualities to the point where we’re supposed to believe Bo would be willing to shoot Kate (Lauren Koslow), his daughter’s grandmother, in cold blood, what chance did Harris ever have? This isn’t the real man. This is what Megan twisted him into. We just need to get rid of that conditioning and he’ll be back to his old self. Get crackin’, Kimberly (Patricia Pease)!

Harris Michaels: Doing the Work

Finally, 50% are confident that if Harris is willing to give in to Kimberly’s therapy, he should be fine. Every other person in Salem is allowed to come back from a terrible crime and be accepted by the community. Why shouldn’t he be? It’s only a matter of time. But, if we get a vote: Bo first!

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