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Claire’s Lost It On Days of Our Lives — But She’s Not Completely Wrong

Claire Days of Our LivesClaire Days of Our Lives

Finally, after days of suspecting the worst about her niece and best friend, Ciara had that worst confirmed by Claire herself in some harrowing Days of Our Lives drama that had us riveted to our TVs Monday. While the audience and Ciara are well aware that Claire is obviously ill, that doesn’t mean she is completely wrong in her feelings.

Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) has Ciara (Victoria Konefal) at her mercy as she has her tied to a cabin bed, unable to escape — for the third time in under a year. As every villain does, Claire confessed to her crimes, thinking Ciara won’t be able to tell because she’s going to kill her.

It was a fine line that Keegan had to walk as Claire aired her grievances and had a Festivus sort of day. Claire is obviously insane but she has moments of clarity where she knows she’s wrong but can’t help herself — and she does a seriously brilliant job navigating that fine line. (You hear that Daytime Emmy voters?!)

Claire basically gave us every teenage inferiority complex gripe we’ve ever seen wrapped in one, raging against the girl who had it all. Except, most of us know how to internalize these feelings and not set people on fire because of them.

While Ciara was understandably terrified, she didn’t necessarily understand the role she’s played in this girl’s descent into madness, but Claire was more than happy to point out that when Ciara returned from Hong Kong (with Konefal taking over the role), she vowed to get her — and Claire pointed out that she did just that.

Claire lost her first love, Theo, while Theo’s first love was Ciara. To be fair, she played dirty to keep him away from Ciara, but she didn’t lose him solely due to Ciara.

When she finally found something she wanted — winning the New Face of Bella contest — Ciara couldn’t care less about it but entered just to mess with Claire — and won (she turned it down and let Claire have it). Ciara also won the latest guy — Tripp (Lucas Adams).

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