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Uh-Oh! Chandler Massey On The Brand-New Will: “He’s More Like Sami”

Will, Susan, and Sami Days of Our LivesWill, Susan, and Sami Days of Our Lives

There’s a new fiery wild child emerging on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

He looks a lot like Will Horton, and he actually is Will Horton. He’s just not the same young man fans loved and remember.

Suddenly, Sami
“He’s a little older. He’s growing up, and he’s getting to be more like Sami (Alison Sweeney),” explains actor Chandler Massey, previewing the new Will.

“He’s going to be more reactionary and very driven… Seldom right, but never in doubt. I like it. It’s fun. It’s always fun to play a character who’s audacious.”

Fans will get a first look at the new Will this week when Sonny (Freddie Smith) confronts him at the Memphis bar where he’s working and impulsively kisses him. It turns out to be the wrong move because Will pushes him away.

Awkward Confrontations
“Will has no idea who he is,” says Massey, noting that those first “Wilson” scenes were “awkward” to play.

“It was awkward for the characters, not awkward to be in the scene with Freddie. It was challenging because Freddie and I had built up this rapport and this chemistry. You almost have to work to deny that, when you don’t know who somebody is.”

Things get more complicated for Will when Sami arrives on the scene. Like Sonny, she’s eager to reconnect with someone she deeply loves – her son.

“At first, Will thinks, We’ve got some crazies in the bar,” recounts Massey with a laugh. “[Sonny and Sami] come up to him and are like, ‘Oh my God! You’re my husband.’ ‘Oh my God! You’re my son.’ It’s crazy and awkward for Will.”

Identity Crisis
Sami and Sonny desperately try to get through to the young man they both love. They tell Will who he really is and that he’s not the person he’s been led to believe he is.

“Will starts finding out some compelling information and evidence that he doesn’t want to acknowledge, but he’s kind of forced to,” notes Massey. “He starts to think that maybe they’re right. It’s like an identity crisis for Will and one that he’s pretty ill-equipped to handle.”

Taking Risks
So Will runs off. In the weeks ahead, look for Will to try to come to terms with the fact that everything he’s been led to believe about himself could be a lie. And, as he does, look for Massey to deliver some interesting work.

“As an actor, I’ll never make the safe choice,” shares Massey. “So I’m taking risks… [The audience] might love it, or they might hate it. But, Will is going to be hard to ignore.”

What does it all mean for the future of Will and Sonny? How does Sonny’s new fiancé, Paul (Christopher Sean), fit into the equation? And should Wilson fans have hope regarding the couple eventually reuniting?

As for Wilson…
“I can say I’m personally rooting for Will and Sonny, because they were the original couple,” admits Massey. “And I think they are the end game. But it’s going to take some time. Nothing worth having ever comes easily.”

So, to Wilson fans, Massey has three simple words: “Hang in there.”

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Chandler Massey 'Fan Channel'

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