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Chad Move, Bro: Was He Right To Leave Abigail on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

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Abigail was finally feeling semi-optimistic on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). She told Chad the truth (as she knew it), that Stefan (Tyler Christopher) was her baby’s father, and after much soul-searching, Chad (Billy Flynn) agreed to raise his nephew along with his wife.

But then Chad walked in on Stefan feeling the baby kick… which required touching Abigail (Marci Miller). Chad blew a gasket and stomped out. All bets are off!

Was he being reasonable, or overreacting? Here’s how almost 9000 Salem fans voted:

Doubting Thomas
Remember when Chad was willing to accept Thomas, even though he was believed to be Ben’s (Robert Scott Wilson) son (and, based on the dates Abigail slept with both men, that was more likely to be accurate)?

Well, if Chad could agree to raise Thomas with Abigail, why not her second child, too? (Heck, this baby is even biologically related to Chad, supposedly!)

If Chad had met Abigail and she already had a child, would he hesitate to make a life with her and be a step-dad? So what’s the deal here?

Sure, he says this baby will always remind him of walking in on Stefan in bed with Abigail. But Chad was first in line to insist that Abigail wasn’t responsible for anything she did while mentally ill… including railroad Gabi (Camilla Banus) into prison. So why is he being a hypocrite about it now?

You Can’t Help How You Feel
Chad has every right to his feelings, 42% of the audience defends. It’s not like Stefan will be willing to co-parent with Abigail… and nothing else. He’s going to be around constantly, not merely spending time with his child, but sniffing around Abigail, as well. It won’t be a marriage of two people. It’ll be a marriage of two people… and Stefan. Abigail can’t ask Chad to live that way!

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