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Brady and Nicole FINALLY Make Love on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)

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A Cry for Help
However, that blissful connection comes to a screeching halt when a…continue reading on the next page masked intruder busts into their safe house.

Nicole sees him first and screams,” explains Martsolf. “Brady comes running in. Sure enough, the guy has pulled a gun and he is not in a playful mood. He’s there to get something done. He’s there to wreak havoc on these people and definitely has revenge on his mind.”

That guy is Xander (Paul Telfer), Victor’s wild, unpredictable and, above all, very dangerous nephew.

Time for Action
“There’s some banter back and forth,” explains Martsolf. “There’s some conversation about why he’s there and the wrongful nature that he feels the family has deposited upon him.

“He feels like the thwarted relative who was never given the chance that everyone else was. He’s bitter.”

Brady opts to take matters into his own hands, literally.

“He decides to just physically handle this on his own,” says Martsolf. “He knows why Xander is there and doesn’t believe this is going to end well in any way. Brady believes he’s there to kill them and get rid of them. So what have you got to lose at that point? That’s his mindset.”

Bang, Bang
So Brady goes after Xander and a struggle ensues between the two men.

“The struggle ends with a gunshot, and someone gets hit,” notes Martsolf. “The whole game changes after that. Brady and Nicole’s whole Canadian adventure changes drastically.”

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