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Bad Brady: The 4 Worst Things He’s Done on Days of Our Lives

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Brady Black has a dark side on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) and a propensity for acting out before he thinks.

It sometimes leads to some bad choices, like Brady (Eric Martsolf) lashing out at Nicole (Arianne Zucker) after she confessed she loved Eric (Greg Vaughan), and threatening to reveal she killed Deimos (Vincent Irizarry)–unless she broke things off with his stepbrother and left town. Talk about mean!

It’s not the first time Brady’s behaved very badly. Here’s a look back at the four worst things he’s done on DAYS.

Tomb and Gloom
After learning that Vivian (Louise Sorel) had hatched a plot to bury Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) alive, Brady was furious. Then, he learned that Viv had moved his late mother’s remains to a cemetery so she could use Isabella’s sarcophagus to entomb Maggie. Brady snapped, forced Viv into the sarcophagus, and kept her there for weeks.

Eliminating Viv: Part II
Vivian’s assistant, Gus, ultimately rescued her from her tomb, and she retaliated by going after the Kiriakis clan. Viv bought up Titan stock and took over the company. Obviously, she forgot about Brady’s vengeful side.

Brady was ready and set up a fake overseas meeting for Viv with a surprise twist. En route there on the Titan jet, Brady had the pilot dump Vivian onto an island owned by his family and left her there.

Beat Down on EJ
When his fiancée Arianna (Lindsay Hartley) was killed by a hit-and-run driver, Brady was devastated. Then, he learned that driver was working for EJ, the same man who constantly wreaked havoc on his on again/off again relationship with Nicole.

Brady erupted and hired a henchman to attack EJ (James Scott). Then, he took things a step further by stepping in and beating EJ to a pulp himself.

Church Brawl
Brady’s wedding to Kristen (Eileen Davidson) came to an abrupt halt when Marlena (Deidre Hall) unwittingly played a video of Kristen “having sex” with Eric — the priest presiding over the ceremony.

Kristen insisted Eric had seduced her, and a lovestruck Brady stupidly believed her. So, he confronted Eric–with his fists. The pair ended up brawling in St. Luke’s church, as Brady refused to believe Eric’s insistence that Kristen had actually drugged and raped him.

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