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Days of Our Lives Poll: Are You Team Ben Or Jordan?

Ben and Jordan Days of Our Lives March 4Ben and Jordan Days of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives is awash in dysfunctional families. There are the DiMeras. There are the Kiriakises. And, no matter how much they may try to deny it, the Bradys and Hortons aren’t exactly fonts of mental health and adjustment.

But, sitting front and center, as poster children for why good parenting matters — and bad parenting screws up for the long haul — are Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and Jordan (Chrishell Hartley).

He is a reformed serial killer with a tendency to steal babies, and she is the sister who tried to protect Salem from her brother… by stealing babies and Ciara (Victoria Konefal), too.

Now, Jordan is out of the looney bin, ad she doesn’t want Ben — also recently sprung — anywhere around her son, David. Which of these siblings is in the right? Over 8,000 fans voted!

Days Of Our Lives Poll Results

It wasn’t even close, as 96% of you went for the guy who strangled folks with neck-ties, over the girl who enjoys playing with matches.

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Ben redeemed himself by rescuing Ciara… and looking the way he does. He’s been walking the straight and narrow since getting out of the hospital – if working as Stefan’s (Brandon Barash) enforcer – sorry, security chief – can be considered either straight and/or narrow.

He makes a sad face whenever David’s name and not being able to see him come up. And his sad face givers viewers sad faces. So cut it out!

Crossing Jordan

A measly 4% of Days of Our Lives fans are on her side. Jordan has good reasons to fear her brother. There’s the whole necktie strangling thing. The keeping Ciara prisoner in a cabin thing. And the fact that Jordan grew up being abused — and watching her mother be abused — by Ben’s daddy, Clyde (James Read).

Ben turned into Clyde once before. Jordan has made it her life’s mission to make sure that never happens again. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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