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British Soap Hollyoaks Releases 2020 Trailer Full of Surprises


Late last week, as previously teased by two of their veteran players, Hollyoaks officially dropped their first video teaser for 2020 and if looks are anything to go by, the new year is getting off to a shocking, terrifying, and fiery start!

Hollyoaks 2020 Trailer

Having been revealed as arriving on Twitter at 5 pm in a earlier post made on the social media platform by stars Jennifer Metcalfe (Mercedes McQueen) and James Lomas (Warren Fox), the nearly four-minute-long preview promises to wrap its long-running serial killer storyline in grand style, add another wrinkle to a recently answered whodunit, and feature, amongst other things, a coming out and a surprise homecoming.

Family Against Family
Life might have been kinder to Brenda McQueen (Moya Brady) had she chosen not to embark on a career as a murderous vigilante out to rid the world of men she perceived as poor fathers, terrible romantic partners, and all-around inferior specimens. And now, members of Brenda’s own family – namely cousins John Paul (James Sutton) and Mercedes – stand poised to end her reign of bloody terror.

As previewed, the showdown will take place on Brenda’s farm where she has imprisoned her latest victim, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Packard), and things will heat up very quickly as the demented woman douses the home with a flammable liquid that she then sets alight!

The Perils of Eavesdropping

Meanwhile, scheme team James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) and Grace Black (Tamara Wall) are about to hit a major snag in their relationship when the feisty lawyer grows a conscience and reveals that he wants to come clean about the part he played in nearly murdering Mercedes all those months ago.

Grace, the other attempted assassin, just doesn’t agree. In fact, she warns him that there’s no way she’s going to let him go to the police and open his big mouth. Unluckily for the two, their little tete-a-tete is overheard by Grace’s brother Jesse (Luke Jerdy). Might he be the one to rat them out?

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Meanwhile, James isn’t the only Hollyoakser desperate to get something off his chest. After catching his ex-boyfriend Scott (Scott Adams) kissing another man, Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) will weepily confess to mom Martine (Kelle Bryan) that he is gay – but will he receive the love and support he desperately needs?

A Predator In The Hen House
After learning that her partner, Brody (Adam Woodward), slept with their intended surrogate – which also happens to be her sister – Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) vowed revenge on not only them but on her devious, child-stealing ex, Warren Fox.

And luckily for Sienna, the scheming reprobate is back in town though, in a twist sure to displease Mrs. Blake, it’s Warren who seems to be the most likely candidate to punish Brody – seeing as how he abducts and imprisons his rival.

More From Hollyoaks

All these storylines and so much more — including the upcoming exploration of County Lines’ drug dealing, a reunion for exes John Paul and James, and the introduction of Verity Hutchins – can be viewed in full thanks to the trailer below.

Hollyoaks airs in its home country of Great Britain every weeknight at 6:30 pm on Channel 4. A special “First Look” of the next day’s episode follows at 7 pm on digital station E4.

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