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The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback: Remember Sly

The Bold and the Beautiful SlyThe Bold and the Beautiful Sly

Throughout soap opera history there have been some bad boys who cross the line and take things to a new level. That turned out to be the case with The Bold and the Beautiful character Sly Donovan (played by Brent Jasmer), who started out as a young leading man and ended up as an evil dude with murder on his mind!

Bikinis And Broad Shorts
Sly and his pal Zach Hamilton (Taylor’s brother) met Forrester sisters Kristen and Felicia at Bikini, a new hot club for young people. Unbeknownst to Felicia, her mother, Stephanie, asked Sly to keep an eye on her daughter since Zach had ties to the criminal world.

After Zach and Felicia left town, Sly was moved into a storyline with Macy and Thorne. Sly fell for Macy and, sadly, chose to become her enabler when Macy had a drinking problem.

Cyrano De Kevin
Sly tried his hand at writing poetry to Macy only she wasn’t impressed with his efforts. He enlisted the aid of his pal Keith, whose words made more of an impact with the object of Sly’s affection. Sly chastised Keith’s brother, Kevin, whom Keith got a job at Bikini after he bumped into Macy while carrying a tray of glasses.

Sly realized that Macy’s drinking was out of control after he found her passed out in an alley. He let Thorne help his ex out and eventually said farewell to Macy after telling her that Keith had written the poems she loved so much.

Irving Is “Sly”
Dylan, Jessica’s beau, made fun of Sly upon learning his real name was Irving. It became more than a laugh, however, when Macy’s stalker turned out to have the initials “Irv.” Sly was innocent of harassing Macy, however. He later spied Dylan kissing an older woman, Maggie, not knowing that she was Jessica’s mother!

Shouldering Responsibility
Next, Sly set his sights on Jessica Forrester, Eric’s niece, who’d come to live with her uncle. Sly felt that if he got Jessica pregnant, he’d marry into the wealthy family and be set for life. He once tried getting her drunk with gelatin shots laced with alcohol.

Sly foolishly shared his plan to get Jessica into bed with her pal Jasmine. Jessica decided to teach Sly a lesson and say she was pregnant by the hunky bartender. With James’s help, Jessica gave Sly a “Baby Think It Over” doll. The mechanical “baby” was designed to mimic the needs of an actual infant.

Confessions And Crimes
Sly tried to disable the “Baby Think It Over” doll out of frustration. He admitted to Jessica he wouldn’t be a good father and was going to leave town. Later, he opted to get a job at a car dealership and said he was going to try to do the right thing.

Jessica told Sly she wasn’t really pregnant. Sly tried laughing it off, but his “friends” made fun of him. Something in Sly snapped. He donned a mask and raped Jessica one night in an alley. Sly had a birthmark that Jess spied on her attacker.

Like A Phoenix
Sly kidnapped Jessica and Jasmine before they could go to the police with their suspicions about him. He planned to burn the two women alive at Bikini. Dylan and Michael arrived at the hotspot before things got too hot!

Dylan and Sly fought and a beam fell on Jessica’s attacker as the fire raged. Dylan got Jessica and Jasmine out, but Sly perished in the fire…or did he? The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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