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The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback: Remember Macy

The Bold and the Beautiful MacyThe Bold and the Beautiful Macy

There have been numerous mother/daughter relationships throughout soap opera history, but the one between Sally Spectra and her daughter Macy Alexander on The Bold and the Beautiful truly stands out as one of the most loving dynamics in all of daytime!

Macy’s Special
Viewers got greater insight into Sally Spectra and her machinations when they realized everything that she did was to give her daughter, Macy, a better life. We met Macy (whom Sally named after the famous department store) when she returned from school, ready to embark on the world.

Sally’s goal was to pair Macy with Ridge Forrester — the heir apparent to Forrester Creations! Her plan hit a snag when Macy got locked in a stateroom onboard the Queen Mary with his brother Thorne instead!

Beautiful Music
Thorne and Macy dated, but he dumped her upon finding out that she was Sally’s daughter since the families were bitter rivals. Eventually, they married with Sally’s family in attendance. Thorne’s clan showed up, too, much to his surprise.

The couple made beautiful music together (literally!) performing in charity shows and at beach hangout Bikini, but the conflict between the two family-owned fashion houses always stood between them. If a Forrester gown or the coveted BeLieF formula went missing, the Forresters insisted Macy’s closet be the first place searched!

Ah, Shoot!
Family conflicts led to Macy and Thorne getting a divorce. She became an alcoholic and one potential love interest, Sly, became an enabler. After crashing her car with Kevin Jones inside, Macy sought help. She fell into the clutches of murderous Anthony Armando, and Sally literally took a bullet to save Macy’s life!

Next, Macy battled throat cancer, which threatened her and Thorne’s music career with Decadent Records and a concert abroad. Macy rehired Sally’s unfaithful (but talented) ex-husband, Clarke Garrison, to save the struggling Spectra Fashions.

Sleepless In Los Angeles
Macy and Thorne remarried, but their second union was short-lived thanks to Thorne falling for illegal immigrant Claudia Cortéz. While Thorne was figuring out his love life, Macy moved on to a romance with new designer Grant Chambers.

She proposed to him and they bought Insomnia Café where Macy would perform. Sadly, Grant soon died from testicular cancer. A devastated and distraught Macy was rescued by her long-lost father, Adam (AKA Myles Fairchild).

Unlikely Ally
Stephanie wanted to reunite Macy and Thorne due in no small part to Thorne’s attraction to Brooke, the Forrester matriarch’s nemesis. Macy reminded Thorne that they were still legally married, but Thorne chose Brooke. She hastily sped off in a car with Brooke as a passenger and crashed into a tanker.

Thorne chose to rescue Brooke first (ouch!) and, as he was going back for Macy, the tanker exploded! Macy was believed dead, but was, in reality, saved by her father, Adam. A few years later, she showed up alive and well in Italy, going by the name Lena.

Macy shared touching reunions with both Thorne and Sally. Alas, she’d no sooner returned from the dead than additional drama came along. Still legally wed to Thorne, Macy and her husband argued over her new beau, Lorenzo. Meanwhile, Thorne and Darla had a one-night stand, resulting in Darla becoming pregnant.

Amber Alert
Macy met Deacon Sharpe, a fellow alcoholic at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. They got married, but Macy found a formidable foe in Amber, the one-time mother to Deacon’s son, little Eric.

Danger was ahead as Macy sang at Oscar Marone’s new nightclub, Ozzz. Criminals who wanted to inflict pain on Oscar rigged a chandelier, which crashed onto Macy’s head, sending her into a coma.

Sally made the painful decision to take her daughter off life support – the dramatic scene occurred off-camera, so viewers didn’t see her actually die. (Hmmm…) The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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