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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Terrible Thomas At It Again

The Bold and the Beautiful RecapThe Bold and the Beautiful Recap

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for December 30-January 3, 2020, features Thomas continuing to terrify, Ridge continuing to defend, and Liam being his same simple self.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) continued to disgust and disappoint. Not only did he manipulate Zoe (Kira Barnes) into his bed but when he woke up next to the young woman — who for some inexplicable reason is of the opinion that he hangs the moon and the stars — all he could do was imagine that it was actually Hope (Annika Noelle) lying beside him. Creepy!

But the latent psychopath needn’t worry. He still has a valiant defender in Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) who spent the latter part of the week assuring Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) that his son’s relationship with Zoe was the real thing and not some fling. And, kudos where they are due, he’s half right.

What Thomas has with Zoe is no mere casual relationship. It’s something much darker. At least when he explained the situation to a bemused Shauna (Denise Richards) he dubbed his new bedmate a “lovely distraction,” rather than a “tool for my own nefarious purposes.”

It remains to be seen how long Thomas can keep up the pretense of being in love with someone who isn’t his step-sister — there’s only so many times he can pull Zoe into a kiss every time he sees Hope entering their vicinity — but rest assured he’s going to give it the ol’ college try.

And he’ll always Ridge by his side. “I believe in my son…He’s a new man. He’s moved on. Thomas is no longer obsessed with your daughter.”

BB Musings

Why in the world did this show go to all the trouble of setting up what could have very well been the most awkward Christmas dinner in soap history and then completely skip the actual event?

And who decided it would be a good idea to TELL us that Brooke and Ridge reconciled during the Holiday instead of actually SHOWING us? Speaking of Bridge, was anyone surprised by the fact that those divorce papers have yet to make it to the county clerks office?

Thomas: “These are the eyes of your executioner…I will celebrate the day I take the women and the children to your gravesite and remind them what a two-timing, self-righteous son of a bitch you are.” Liam: “Was that…a threat?”

Of course, it was a threat! How dumb are you Liam (Scott Clifton)? Also, list one thing in that terrifying rant that didn’t have at least a ring of truth to it. Go on, we’ll wait… The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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