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Best of 2019 Soap Operas: Character You Most Love To Hate

Soap Operas Love To HateSoap Operas Love To Hate

They’re those characters who are so bad they’re good on soap operas. They do horrible things, but they are so entertaining you want to keep them around for the drama and the laughs.

Soap Operas: So Bad They’re Good

Who were this year’s most entertaining bad guys? Read on and find out who Soap Hub picked for characters you most love to hate.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Shauna Fulton

When BB announced the hiring of Denise Richards, many dismissed it as merely stunt casting. However, Richards rose to the occasion and fans have begun to fall under the actress’s sway despite their hesitation at the role she’s playing.

Sure, Shauna’s doing her utmost to separate the series sacrosanct coupling but she’s being nothing if not wholly transparent about her actions (fans always appreciate honesty) and she scored some major points for calling out Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) on her slut-shaming ways by reminding Miss Logan that those in glass houses shouldn’t hurl hurtful insults.

Days of Our Lives: Princess Gina

Yes the lipstick is a bit much, and the coke bottle glasses she insists on wearing as Hope are atrocious and granted the tiara is a little over the top but nobody said Princess Gina (Kristen Alfonso) was subtle.

What she is, however, is a storyline-driving catalyst whose not afraid to call a spade a spade (“Those very dreary, but very kind Horton’s”) and get her hands dirty – hey, Rolf and Stefano sure weren’t going to toss nosy parker Jennifer over that balcony you know. And there’s always one thing for certain. When the Princess is in town, anything can happen.

General Hospital: Liesl Obrecht

“There was an unfortunate incident during drag bingo involving a feather boa and my cards. Words were exchanged, I snatched a wig, the rest is history.” Every. Single. Time. that the deliciously evil Liesl (Kathleen Gati) is front and center it’s a gift from the soap opera gods.

From her Google translator-worthy jibes (“I see the day had finally arrived. You’ve grown some rucken.”) to her pithy comments about life around her (“If that is your standard for bliss, you really need to raise the bar.”) and the moments when she actually allows herself a moment of humanity, Liesl is the epitome of a love to hate character.

The Young and the Restless: Adam Newman

For far too long, Genoa City was deprived of a sexy bad boy out to wreck lives and break the ladies’ hearts. Enter, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Sharon (Sharon Case) finally had a new man to obsess over, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) had someone to scheme with, and Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) had a worthy advisory. And the fans ate it all up with a proverbial spoon and then asked the writers for seconds.

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