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The Bold and the Beautiful History: Remember CJ Garrison

The Bold and the Beautiful CJ GarrisonThe Bold and the Beautiful CJ Garrison

Throughout soap opera history there have been more than a few “miracle babies” who come later in life to their moms. One such character on The Bold and the Beautiful is CJ Garrison (played longest by Mick Cain) born to legendary Sally Spectra and her ex-husband Clarke Garrison.

Who Is CJ Garrison?

Sally was head over heels in love with Clarke. She offered him part of her company if he’d marry her and Clarke agreed, but he wasn’t keen on romancing his wife. They did have sex and CJ was conceived much to his father’s chagrin.

Sally kept her pregnancy hidden from Clarke, who insisted his wife get an abortion, but she refused. She reluctantly took her no-good husband back for the sake of the company, but when he did it on the condition of denying his son, Sally had him tossed into a dumpster.

Rick’s Rival
CJ had a rival in Eric and Brooke’s son, Rick. The two got into scuffles — like that time Rick dumped some chocolate mousse on CJ’s head at Café Russe when things got heated between the two. They also traded blows at Thorne and Macy’s wedding reception at Bikini.

Daddy’s Home
Clarke Sr. returned to help save struggling Spectra Fashions from going under, but CJ wasn’t interested in bonding with the man who walked out on him and his mom. Instead, the younger man told his dad off, making a face as if to say, “What don’t you understand?” CJ’s dad got mixed up with some crooks at Unicorn Fashions who kidnapped CJ. but Clarke saved his son, which helped their relationship improve.

The Fab Four
CJ and Rick had a more cordial relationship as they entered their late teens. The pair became a foursome with the arrival of Amber Moore and Kimberly Fairchild. CJ felt bad after drag racing with Rick, causing him to crash and lose a kidney. CJ and Rick were drawn into the on-going fashion wars between Spectra and Forrester, prompting CJ to make sure Kimberly lost half her dress in front of the press.

The Bold and the Beautiful Love Story

CJ fell for Amber’s cousin, Becky. He kept secret from her that she was dying from pancreatic cancer so her final days would be happy. Becky and CJ had a beautiful wedding ceremony, but Becky died soon after — leaving CJ a widower.

He suffered another tragedy after he believed his sister, Macy, had died after her car hit a tanker that exploded. CJ was about to wed Amber to give Becky’s son a home, but their happiness was cut short after Deacon Sharpe, the father of Becky’s boy, crashed the ceremony.

Hurt Feelings
CJ was hurt deeply after Amber dropped him for Rick. He took out his frustrations with the Forresters on Brooke’s daughter Bridget, who was working at Insomnia. He developed feelings for Bridget, but found a new rival for her in Mark Maclaine, his own half-brother!

The Circle Of Spectra

CJ helped sell Spectra after Sally moved abroad. He sold Insomnia to Stephanie and then moved to San Francisco. Years later, he came back to L.A., having already bought Spectra back from the Marones. CJ was skeptical when another branch of the family made the scene and attempted to revive Spectra.

Through CJ’s return to The Bold and the Beautiful, viewers met Shirley Spectra, Sally’s sister, as well as Shirley’s granddaughter and Sally’s namesake, Sally, the late Saul Feinberg’s grandson and namesake, Saul, and Darlita. It was déjà vu all over again when Spectra swiped some Forrester designs.

The Big Bang
Bill Spencer wanted the lot of land on which Spectra Fashions was built. He managed to get it and blew up the property — not knowing his son Liam and Sally were inside. CJ sadly informed the new Spectra gang that, for now, there was no chance at rebuilding because he had let the insurance policy lapse. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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