Liam Spencer Goes Ballistic And Walks Out On Hope

The B&B recap for Thursday, April 6, 2023: He’s seen this all before.

liam spencer blew his top in the bold and the beautiful recap for april 6, 2023Liam Spencer was furious by what he saw.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Liam Spencer gets the wrong end of the stick…or does he?

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) loved ones rally around him in a show of support. All is forgiven and forgotten. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Liam Spencer Has Had It Up To Here With Thomas

An incredulous Liam (Scott Clifton) barked at Thomas to get his hands off of Hope and got handsy once his rival took to his feet. Explanations were given — your standard “It’s not what it looks like” and all that — but Liam wasn’t interested in hearing either Thomas or Hope out.

Instead, he bellowed for Thomas to get out, the implication being that Thomas could either leave of his own accord or Liam could throw his behind out.

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After momentarily bristling that it’s his name on the building, Thomas took his leave. Once alone with his wife, Liam let loose. “I can’t do this anymore. I’ve been so supportive. I’ve been taking care of you and the kids. I don’t deserve to come in here and see you on the couch with your hands on each other. How much more am I expected to take Hope?”

Hope, in turn, blubbered about how she clearly has a husband who doesn’t trust her or her judgment. She then went low and threw in Liam’s face the trust that she’s had to put in him given some of his past actions.

For his part, Liam pointed out to Hope that it wasn’t her he distrusted. It was Thomas. Yes, Thomas, the man who hid from them the fact that their baby was alive; who let them mourn for months on end. And what about the next time Thomas pulls a crap move — because it is coming. The way Liam sees it, Thomas is and always will be demented.

Hope disagreed. In fact, she believes in the new and improved Thomas. “You keep finding reasons to invite him into your life,” Liam pointedly pointed about, before questioning, “Why do you do that?”

Hope, of course, heaped all the blame on Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). It was Steffy who was going to shelve her clothing line if she didn’t rehire Thomas, the only designer in the world who could execute her vision.

“You don’t need him,” complained Liam. “Yes, I do,” sassed Hope, who then concluded, “we are Hope For The Future now.” That said, she granted her husband, “it’s not personal; it’s just business.”

When Liam issued a plea for the two of them to wrap things up and head home together, Hope groused. It was the middle of the day, after all. Plus, she still has work to do.

“With him,” wondered Liam. “With Thomas? Yes,” answered Hope. In response, Liam tore out of the building, leaving Hope to sink into the nearby couch and cry and…fantasize about locking lips with Thomas?!

B&B Recap: Family Ties

Across the hall, Thomas explained to Steffy, Taylor (Krista Allen), and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) what just transpired between him and Liam and noted instead of escalating the situation, he left. “The old me would not have done that.”

Further proving just how far he’s come, Thomas admitted that he couldn’t fault Liam for thinking what he did, and he confessed to hoping that the incident doesn’t cause issues with Hope and Liam’s marriage.

Taylor, Steffy, and Ridge enthused about Thomas’s change in character, and the latter decreed that his son was indeed on the right path. Thomas then waxed lyrical about his family, Taylor in particular. They all hail Tay Tay and deem themselves “Team Taylor.”

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