Li Finnegan Realizes Putting Sheila Back Behind Bars Is Futile

The B&B recap for Wednesday, January 18, 2023, brings a sobering realization for Li Finnegan.

lie finnegan sits in front of finn and steffy's fireplace with a stunned look on her face on b&bLi Finnegan is stunned

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday brings a sobering moment for Li Finnegan as Steffy and Finn update her on the Sheila Carter situation.

B&B Recap Highlights

Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) thought she had a way to put Sheila back behind bars, but Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Finn dashed her hopes. Sheila and Bill basked in the glow of their love while Katie recounted her harrowing visit to Bill’s to Carter. Now let’s dive deeper into what went down.

Li Finnegan Gets Shocking News

Steffy and Finn (Tanner Novlan) sat in front of a blazing fire at the end of the day. “It doesn’t get worse than this,” Steffy ominously said.

Finn reassured his wife that they’d figure out how to get Sheila back behind bars. Li surprised the couple. She’d rushed back as soon as she’d heard about Sheila’s release. Li was shocked and confused to hear about Bill and Sheila’s relationship. How could he be involved with that monster?

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A smart one, Li wondered how the judge let Sheila go, and Finn updated his mom that Bill was blackmailing them even though he couldn’t tell her the details. Li refused to let that be the end of it — she declared that she’d testify against Sheila.

Finn told his mom she couldn’t, but Li insisted that her plan provided a simple solution to putting Sheila back behind bars. Finn and Steffy let Li know that Bill had also threatened to expose what she’d done to get Finn out of the hospital — she broke the law. Li wondered how Sheila could always get away with her crimes, but Steffy vowed that Sheila and Bill were going down.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Declares His Love For Sheila

At Bill’s, he complimented Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) on her beauty, and he updated her on the outraged texts his sons had sent regarding her release from prison. Sheila offered to give Bill the space to do damage control with Wyatt and Liam, but Bill said he didn’t need to. She hoped they wouldn’t have any more unexpected visitors.

Sheila declared that life doesn’t get any better than it was at that moment. She talked about how great they were together as the misfits. They toasted to their unlikely relationship. The two sat and planned what they’d do now that Sheila was a free woman. She considered revenge against the Forresters, but she stopped herself — at least for that night.

Although she wasn’t sure how she’d avoid prison, Sheila was thankful for Bill (Don Diamont) coming along as a true miracle and gift. She couldn’t believe that he’d given her a chance. Bill wondered how could he possibly judge her, though, given the similar things he’d done. For instance, he’d dumped Ridge out of a helicopter in Dubai, and he’d also blown up Spectra Fashions to build a skyscraper — with his son and Sally Spectra in the building.

Sheila admired that Bill handled whatever obstacles blocked his path, and he noted not every woman felt that way. Bill revealed that he couldn’t take people that he loved walking out on him, and Sheila vowed that would never happen with her. She called him her own personal miracle, and she urged Bill to stop being so quiet. He lamented all the years he tried to fit in with the Forresters and the Logans — Bill is just a different breed.

“Like trying to put a round peg in a square hole, and I will never do that again,” he declared.

Sheila promised him he’d never have to. She admired the man who wears the sword necklace, and Bill said it worked both ways, and he declared that Sheila was what he needed, saying he loved her.

B&B Recap: Carter Makes A Promise To Katie

Katie (Heather Tom) updated Carter on how poorly things went with Bill. She wondered what Sheila had done to him. Katie was shellshocked about how bizarre it was to see Sheila at Bill’s house — the place that used to be hers. She felt there’d be moments of the Bill she knew, but mostly he was fully under the She-Devil’s spell.

Katie couldn’t understand how Bill had gotten to that point despite feeling misunderstood, and she worried about Will because of his father’s reckless behavior. Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) wondered if Katie wanted to get out of there and clear her head, but she wanted to sit right there with him instead.

Carter was stunned to learn that Bill had kicked Katie out of his house, and she expressed her worry about Bill and her son. However, Carter reminded Katie he’d promised her to be there for her and Will too.

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