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Has B&B’s Sheila Carter Traded One Type of Prison For Another?

Sheila Carter is so smart, she’s not in a Bold and the Beautiful prison anymore…or is she?

sheila carter is free to wear a black top but she owes bold and the beautiful's bill spencer a lotSheila and Bill

Sheila Carter never thought she would know what it was like to be a free woman again. She has been running from the law and her bad choices for so long on The Bold and the Beautiful but now she’s got her freedom back — thanks to Dollar Bill using his influence. Now she owes him…big time.

Sheila Carter Trades Prisons

On Wednesday’s show, Bill (Don Diamont) made it very clear to Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) that he expected her to stay loyal to him and the intensity in his plea made it clear there was no wiggle room. He extracted a promise from her that she would be his partner — for life. After all, he betrayed everyone in his world to help her. It’s the least she could do, right?

But isn’t that simply trading prisons? Perhaps not if she truly loved Bill but considering that snide little smirk she seems to be wearing whenever he isn’t looking, that seems doubtful. Also, we can’t forget she seemed to have real and deep feelings for someone else — Deacon (Sean Kanan). How long will she be able to resist him? As we heard over and over, their sex life was amazing! Can she really give him up, give that up, forever?

Maybe she can do that if she keeps her eyes on a very big prize — namely, the fortune and power that comes with being Dollar Bill. She is now the key to helping him keep things together, as he has been on the edge for a while now. Rejection from both Logan sisters had him in a bad way — so bad, it left him vulnerable to the likes of Sheila Carter!

With that power, she could help run his publishing business and use it to get back at all of her enemies. She could use it to create a power base to win back the respect and love of her family. But as Bill loses his own, he will surely become even more obsessed with Sheila — she will be all he has left. We can see her starting to feel suffocated under that weight. How long will it be before she tries to escape her new prison, and what will her new warden do to her if she tries? It could be a true clash of the titans.

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