B&B Recap: Lovely Luna Infiltrates The Forresters On The Down-low

Not that busy, busy, busy Eric Forrester noticed. But boy did RJ.

luna seems like she could be a problem on the bold and the beautiful recap for wednesday, september 13, 2023.Luna debuted on B&B.

In The Bold and the Beautiful recap for September 13, 2023, obliging intern (and obvious secret keeper) Luna set her sights on RJ.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Ridge rose to accept Eric’s challenge, praised Brooke for being his muse, and delighted in his son joining the ranks of Forrester men who design. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

B&B Recap: (Potential) Enemy In The Living Room

At the Forrester manse, the overstuffed living room hosted yet more garment bags, design supplies, and a wedding veil (gotta have that for the showstopper!) courtesy of plucky Luna (Lisa Yamada), the latest newcomer at Forrester Creations.

Eric (John McCook) welcomed the young lady to his abode and wondered what it was about her that set her apart from the other applicants competing for the company’s coveted intern slot.

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That question necessitated Donna (Jennifer Gareis) admitting that she’d taken quite the shine to Luna when the young woman made herself indispensable during a particularly rough workday and that she’d insisted to Cindy from Human Resources that Luna be offered the job.

And no, she didn’t bother looking at Luna’s resume. She should just tell from looking at, and working with, her that she was sweet, capable, and a good person. Also, Luna struck Donna as more than trustworthy, hence Donna tasked her with rushing the supplies over from the office.

A clearly smitten RJ (Joshua Hoffman) claimed that he could see that same in his contemporary, and he was slightly emboldened to hear that she’d been following his exploits as an influencer. However, he was also slightly embarrassed by her mooning over him sketching so Eric slyly signaled Donna to get her out of RJ’s line of sight.

But despite her change of position, Luna’s eyes were very much locked on RJ. Oh, if only the family unit had been privy to that curt phone call that Luna took in which the caller near hysterically insisted that she “stay away from the Forresters.”

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Line In The Sand

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) blanched at Eric’s threat that he’d better be “on top of his game” just as he rejoiced over RJ’s leaning into his talent for design. He couldn’t be prouder of his baby boy…but he does hope that it doesn’t get back to Thomas (Matthew Atkinson).

Try as he might, Ridge just kept coming back to Eric’s vague challenge. Why does his pops seem to feel like they’re in a competition? Why has Eric come to feel as though everyone at the company sees him as replaceable? Why did he hand Ridge the baton if he didn’t actually want to retire in the first place?

Despite himself, Ridge couldn’t help but feel that Eric’s pigheadedness when it comes to this “grand finale collection” wasn’t good for him. What’s more, he couldn’t help but take Eric’s challenge seriously. Be on top of his game? HA! Ridge was playing in a whole other league. Maybe it’s Eric who needs to step HIS game up.

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