B&B Recap For October 31: Sheila Took A Spooky Walk Down Memory Lane

It was a look back on Sheila’s dirtiest of deeds.

B&B recap for October 31, 2022

B&B recap for October 31, 2022, features Sheila Carter remembering all the times she bullied her enemies — and all the many reasons why in a Halloween spectacular reminiscent of A Christmas Carol.

B&B Recap Highlights

Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) came home to a night of haunting fun. The house was all decorated for Halloween, and Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) was dolled up as a naughty nurse. She was cute, sexy, fun, and ready to celebrate her favorite night of the year. Meanwhile, Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey Bregman) was at the Forrester office having a meeting with Eric Forrester (John McCook). After their deal was done, they shared a drink and toasted to Sheila’s demise.

Bold and The Beautiful Recap: All The Things I’ve Done

Deacon was quite impressed by Sheila going all-out to celebrate even if she couldn’t leave the house. Don’t worry, she told him, she wouldn’t be stuck there long. She was certain she’d rise from the ashes and rebuild her life like she has so many times before.

Sheila opened up to Deacon about her horrible past of dirty deeds. Oh, yes, she was (ahem, is) a baddie. But, she only did what she did out of love. Yes. Out of love. She told Deacon all she ever wanted out of life was someone to love her. It’s not her fault all these people stood in her way.

Sheila flashed back to her numerous battles with the ladies who tried to destroy her life. Her time going up against Lauren was first and foremost. She recalled the fights with the fashionista in Genoa City and how she ran to Los Angeles to rebuild her life, only to have Lauren show up and ruin it all again.

Lauren wasn’t the only woman she butted heads with, especially during her romances with Eric and James Warwick. Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Susan Flannery) was just as big an obstacle. She even had to threaten to kill baby Thomas to get Stephanie to back off! The nerve of some people!

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Of course, it wasn’t all bad. Meeting Finn (Tanner Novlan) was quite a plus. It’s just too bad his wife hates her. How dare Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) destroy that for her! Sure, Sheila didn’t mean to shoot her, but hey, you get what you get when you poke the bear.

When all was said and done, Sheila vowed to rise again. Deacon reminded her becoming “undead” would mean serious charges, but Sheila was sure she could work around that. No pesky jail time for her. She was going to do things right this time. Stay tuned!

The B&B Recap: A Premature Sigh Of Relieve

Meanwhile, Lauren was at the office with Eric as they looked over the Hope for the Future line and got caught up. After the clothing deal was done, they decided to sit as friends to chat about their past and present. Since it was Halloween, Eric proposed a toast. They clinked glasses to a much-less spooky holiday without Sheila around. Good thing she’s dead (again) this time (oh, if they only knew).

Over martinis, Lauren and Eric recounted all the ways Sheila hurt them and the people they love. Eric still couldn’t believe he ended up married to the maniac, even after all of Lauren’s warnings. Maybe he shouldn’t have tried to seduce the baby nurse.

Poor Lauren remembered all the times she truly feared she was going to die at Sheila’s hands. The near stabbing, the near drownings, all the fistfights. And, never mind her, Sheila pulled a gun and threatened them all! Whew! It’s nice to know those days are over.

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