What Is the Biggest Threat to Hope Spencer and Liam’s B&B Marriage?

Hope Spencer and her husband Liam are fighting to save their marriage on B&B.

liam and hope spencer have a troubled bold and the beautiful marriage.Hope and Liam Spencer are facing difficult times on B&B.

Liam and Hope Spencer are in the midst of marital conflict on The Bold and the Beautiful. The couple conquered a lot of issues to get to where they are today, but now, their happy life together is in great jeopardy!

Liam and Hope Spencer: Scenes From A Marriage

A while back, Hope (Annika Noelle) forgave Liam (Scott Clifton) for his dalliance with ex-wife Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) after Liam thought that Hope was unfaithful to him. (She wasn’t.) That’s just one issue that Hope and Liam have put behind them in order to stay together. What issue is creating the greatest obstacle in Hope and Liam’s marriage? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B viewers.

Doubting Thomas

Very few of you, less than 3%, say that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is the main threat to Hope and Liam. Why so low? Most of you believe that Thomas is a changed man. He’s put his manipulative ways behind him, and he’s going to stay out of Hope’s marriage. You feel the only designs he has are related to Hope for the Future — not Hope herself!

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Spencer v Steffy Forrester

Soaps are all about rivalries, and Hope and Steffy have been at odds with one another more than they’ve ever been friends. That’s why about 15% of you believe that Steffy is a threat to Hope and Liam. She runs Forrester Creations, and she’s going to stir the pot with Hope and Thomas and watch the fallout as Hope and Liam grow further apart.

B&B: Doubting…Liam

Many of you, 20%, say that Liam’s lack of faith in Hope is going to drive a wedge between himself and his wife. Liam is already aware that Hope hasn’t been totally honest with him (or herself) about Thomas. The trip to Rome is only setting the stage for disaster! Once Hope looks into Liam’s eyes and sees a lack of trust, she’s going to give up on their life together. And why not? Liam already will have.

Finding Thomas Forrester Fine

The rest of you, 62%, say that Hope’s feelings for Thomas are going to ruin her marriage to Liam. Sure, Liam was unfaithful a while back, but that’s only because he thought Hope had been. Right or wrong, he didn’t set out to hurt her. If Hope succumbs to Thomas’s charms, she’s going to sink her happy life with Liam.

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