Is B&B’s Ridge Forrester Worth Brooke and Taylor Fighting Over?

Both Brooke and Taylor still have love for Ridge Forrester on B&B.

should brooke and taylor still fight over ridge forrester on bold and the beautiful.Brooke and Taylor could put down the Ridge Forrester torch.

The Bold and the Beautiful is the youngest of the four remaining daytime dramas, but the triangle with Brooke Logan, Ridge Forrester, and Taylor Hayes has been a soap opera staple since 1990! Over the years, the show has added plenty of twists and turns as Ridge has been with each of the women he loves.

Ridge Forrester: Bold and the Beautiful Catch

Soap Hub asked B&B fans if Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is worth fighting over or if Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor (Krista Allen) would be better off moving on. Here’s what viewers had to say about the situation.

B&B: Taylor Made

Very few of you, about 3%, in fact, say that yes, Taylor is doing the right thing by fighting for Ridge. The only reason that the two aren’t together right now is that Taylor was presumed dead, and each time, she was kept from Ridge by Prince Omar of Morocco. Granted, Ridge didn’t take kindly to Taylor taking James’s virginity while they were married, but it’s possible they would have gotten through that.

Ridge Forrester & Brooke: Unforgettable Bold and the Beautiful

Many more of you (but not that many more in the grand scheme of things), roughly 24%, say that Brooke should fight for Ridge. She’s loved him for decades and has fought an uphill battle to be Ridge’s wife. Why should Brooke give up now? She even got Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) approval before she died. Brooke and Ridge are each other’s destiny.

B&B: Bring Braylor Back

The rest of you, about 73%, say that no, no man who loves two women so equally (but differently) is worth fighting over. B&B broke new ground late last year when not only did both Brooke and Taylor inform Ridge that neither of them wanted him, but they also forged a new friendship. The scenes in which Taylor and Brooke had a meeting of the minds in the Forrester living room earned Allen and Lang Soap Hub joint Performers of the Week.

B&B invested a lot in Brooke and Taylor’s friendship. It shouldn’t be tossed aside just because Taylor suggested to Deacon (Sean Kanan) that he pursue Brooke. There are a lot of men in Los Angeles. Brooke and Taylor could still salvage their relationship and try double-dating to see what other options are out there.

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