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Why Did B&B Need To Back The Big Ol’ Bus Over Thomas Forrester Again?

Why is Thomas Forrester always doing bad things?

Bold and the Beautiful Thomas Forrester and Douglas Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful is known for doing the same old, same old over and over again until you forget what year or decade it is. Liam Spencer ping-pongs back and forth between Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan Spencer. Ridge Forrester does the same with Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan Forrester. Bill Spencer asks for Katie Logan back, she says no. And Thomas Forrester is inexplicably obsessed with Hope, being pinned as the villain over and over again.

Thomas Forrester Definitely Has His Faults

Nobody can deny that Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) obsession with Hope a few years back, which resulted in him keeping the truth about Baby Beth from her and emotionally abusing his son, Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri), was disgustingly wrong. However, nobody can deny that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) tossing Thomas off a cliff and Hope (Annika Noelle) leaving Thomas for dead in an alleged vat of acid were also disgustingly wrong moves.

It was also quite alarming when Thomas believed a Hope mannequin was really Hope, and he started dating her and making out with her in his apartment. However, that was explained away by a brain injury, and since then, we have watched Thomas try to change and be a better father for Douglas while deeply regretting his poor choices.

Sure, he had a bit of a lapse in judgment when he kept Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) secret about the switched champagne/sparkling cider labels from New Year’s Eve, but one thing that remained constant was his love for his son.

B&B Got Our Hopes Up

It never made any real sense for Hope to gain custody of Douglas while Thomas was going through some rough times, but she coerced him into signing legal documents that gave them shared custody rather than his family members taking care of the boy for a while. Then, that shared custody turned into Hope having Douglas with her most of the time and Douglas missing his dad.

It only made sense when Thomas finally decided to assert himself as Douglas’s father and want more time with his own child, and fans were happy to see his emotional growth. We became invested in seeing this father-son duo reunite and were happy when his inexplicable obsession with Hope seemed to be over.

Thomas Forrester Deserved Better

However, it turned out that B&B just wanted to go into rinse, repeat mode and make Thomas the fall guy again, completely throwing the character and parent-child relationship we have invested in under the bus. We didn’t want to believe that it was Thomas who called Child Protective Services while setting up Brooke to take the fall using Douglas’s voice-altering app because it meant everything we had seen with Thomas was a lie, and for what? A plot point so Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) would dump Brooke again over a misunderstanding and run straight to Taylor (Krista Allen).

This latest story development feels like nothing but a slap in the face to Thomas Forrester fans just so that B&B could rehash a love triangle we have watched be rehashed too many times to count since the 1990s. Hopefully, this story can be redeemed, but we are not counting on it.

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