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Why Bold and the Beautiful Had To End Brooke And Taylor’s BFF Twist

We all knew this B&B friendship couldn’t last forever.

bold and the beautiful had to end brooke and taylor bff.Brooke and Taylor were always destined to fail.

Making longtime rivals Brooke and Taylor friends on The Bold and the Beautiful was definitely outside the box, not to mention female power to the max. Tired of Ridge flip-flopping between them, the two women held their heads high, told him to take a hike, and chose themselves over their mutual paramour.

Bold and the Beautiful: Time for a Change

It played out for weeks, with the two ladies sharing secrets, laughs, and lunches at Il Giardino. But eventually, the show had to move forward and end Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor’s (Krista Allen) BFF twist for a few reasons.

B&B Lives in Limbo

While the storyline was fun to a degree, especially watching Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) trying to digest the new dynamic between his two ex-wives, it left all three characters in limbo. Brooke had a couple of dates with Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers), but it was obvious that it wasn’t going anywhere. Taylor had little to do but play matchmaker for her new pal and worry about her kids. And, Ridge was walking around aimlessly, clueless as to what to do next with no woman by his side for the time in decades.

Bold and the Beautiful: Back on Track

Fortunately, things got back on track when Taylor urged Deacon (Sean Kanan) to make a move on Brooke. When Brooke found out, she was furious, realizing that Taylor kept pushing men at her. Suddenly, it all made sense. Taylor was working overtime to get Brooke out of the way so it would leave a clear path for her to reconcile with Ridge. Brooke called Taylor out on her scheme, accused her of betraying her, and officially ended their friendship.

The timing was perfect. The odd friendship had run its course and was becoming tedious. Besides, Brooke and Taylor are much more interesting as adversaries. There are meatier stories to tell when the mothers of Ridge’s children are at odds, each vying for their place and their family’s position in his life. It’s a complex triangle that works and has been thriving for decades.

B&B: Moving On

Brooke and Ridge are inevitably headed for reconciliation during the show’s on-location shoot in Rome. As longtime fans know, the two characters are each other’s destiny and belong together. What better place than The City of Eternal Love to showcase their romantic reunion?

That leaves Taylor the odd woman out again and pushes her to move forward with her life. Taylor’s smart, vibrant, and beautiful. She deserves so much more than playing second fiddle to Brooke. Now she’ll finally have the chance.

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