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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: John McCook

John McCook showed everyone what Eric Forrester is made of!

john mccook bold and the beautiful performer weekJohn McCook brings the same passion to his performance that Eric does to his designs on B&B.

We don’t know yet how Eric Forrester’s line will turn out on The Bold and the Beautiful. However, we’re fully aware that John McCook, who plays the family patriarch and lead designer, is turning out some of his best work ever in this storyline.

John McCook – Performer of the Week

Eric may feel edged out of his own office but he still feels quite comfortable at the Forrester mansion. That’s where he’s set up a makeshift design studio where he and grandson RJ (Joshua Hoffman) are creating what’s being called Eric’s last line. In McCook’s capable hands, we see Eric showing enthusiasm and passion as he does what he does best – create beautiful couture gowns for women.

The creative process took a break when Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) showed up to put her two cents in on Eric’s new line and Ridge’s involvement or rather his not being involved. Eric put his pen down but not his passion. He explained to Brooke how and why he feels alive when he’s designing and Ridge is not going to stop him.

“I know there’s going to come a time when it’s appropriate for me to stop and give up the reins to somebody else — not now. Not now,” said Eric this collection, which was his, was going to be his best.

McCook’s played the part of Eric Forrester for over 36 years. He brings gravitas to his role. Veteran B&B viewers who have seen Eric as the guiding light of Forrester sympathize over the pain Eric’s feeling about how Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is treating him and they smile when they see Eric’s passion over his work.

Eric’s not letting anyone stop him from doing what he needs to and memo to his family: stop suggesting he bring Ridge into this line. “I don’t want Ridge’s help,” Eric informed both Brooke and Donna (Jennifer Gareis). “When I started this business…every collection was mine alone…I’m going to do it again. Ridge needs to be at the top of his game…I’m coming for him.”

Ridge, however, came for Eric — or at least he drove over to the mansion to see him. McCook brought Eric a sense of being guarded around his son. He let his shield down a bit after Ridge thanked his dad for mentoring RJ. However, after Ridge made the mistake of suggesting Eric’s line be incorporated into his own Eric promptly told him no thanks.

Eric did more than that to make his position perfectly clear. He laid down the law with Ridge, telling him why he needed to do this. Ridge said he wished his mother (Stephanie, played by Susan Flannery) was there so she could see Eric’s passion. Eric was pleased that Ridge acknowledged his father still has passion but he’s not backing down. The two men agreed that they’d each do their own designs and the matter would be settled on the runway.

The only way this story works is if McCook maintains Eric’s passion for wanting to create one more beautiful line. The actor never falters from this stance. We’re seeing what could be B&B’s best fashion-based storyline since the battle for BeLieF.

“The best is yet to come,” Eric earlier told Donna and RJ. Indeed. That not only holds true for Eric’s designs but also for performances from Daytime Emmy winner John McCook as this compelling story unfolds.

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