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Hope Logan and Thomas’s Kiss Could Ultimately Destroy Two B&B Couples

The forbidden kiss will rock the lives of five people to the core. What will happen when all is revealed?

the bold and the beautiful two couples ultimately destroyedHope Logan, Thomas Forrester, Finn Finnegan, Steffy Forrester Finnegan, and Liam Spencer.

A forbidden kiss in Rome, Hope Logan getting swept up in the moment and giving into her fantasies about Thomas, has blown the roof off Hope and Liam’s marriage. But they’re not the only duo in danger. That impulsive moment could ultimately destroy two Bold and the Beautiful couples.

Hope Logan: Stunning Betrayal

Spying his wife grab Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and pull him into a passionate lip lock shook Liam (Scott Clifton) to the core. He’d confronted Hope (Annika Noelle) about her feelings for Thomas, and she insisted she only loved one man: Liam. So the sight of Hope and Thomas kissing seriously stung, especially considering the years of bad blood between Liam and his nemesis and all the horrible things Thomas has done to undermine Liam and Hope’s marriage.

Liam the Hypocrite

Liam deems the kiss unforgivable and is set to walk out on Hope; a brash move and totally hypocritical, considering all the times he’s cheated on her. It was only a couple of years ago that he impulsively slept with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and the paternity of young Hayes was in question. And, as she’s always done, Hope forgave him. Doesn’t Hope deserve a pass for this one transgression and a chance to move forward with Liam? Or will their marriage crumble because Liam won’t give his wife the same grace she’s given him repeatedly?

Hope Logan: Striking Out

Then there’s the fact that Liam did what he always does when there are any signs of a problem with Hope. He ran straight to Steffy and planted a kiss on her. Steffy was too stunned to react and pull away and kept the moment to herself, choosing not to tell her husband Finn (Tanner Novlan) about it. But what happens when Finn and Hope find out about that?

Liam’s Double Damage

Liam and Steffy’s kiss has the potential to do even more damage – and to the two couples. It could be the last straw in Hope and Liam’s tenuous marriage. Imagine how angry Hope will be after apologizing profusely about what happened with Thomas and begging for a second chance, only to learn that Liam left out he retaliated by kissing Steffy? It’s the same old, same old, and it could make Hope the one to walk away from Liam for good.

And what will Finn’s reaction be to Liam’s twisted course of action? Finn encouraged Liam to go to Rome and surprise Hope. Then, he got there and kissed his wife. Finn clearly won’t like the fact that Steffy’s kept it a secret from him either. Finn’s an open and honest guy, who deserved to hear about it immediately from Steffy. Having her keep mum about something so big, could infuriate him and mess with their happy marriage, too.

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