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B&B’s Hope Logan Spencer Should Have Fallen for Wyatt — Not Thomas

Hope Logan Spencer might have a better future with brother-in-law Wyatt on B&B.

hope logan spencer should have been with wyatt, not thomas, on bold and the beautiful.Did B&B make a wrong move?

Having a happy marriage on a soap can result in couples spending time on the back burner, but The Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t have that problem with Liam and Hope Logan Spencer, given her developing feelings for Thomas. However, it doesn’t really ring true that she’d develop feelings for the Hope for the Future designer.

Hope Logan Spencer: The Wrong Ex

Annika Noelle has been turning in an acting tour de force as Hope has struggled with her feelings for Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), much to the dismay of her husband Liam (Scott Clifton). The story has all the elements of a great soap triangle in that one woman is in love with two men. However, it just doesn’t track that Hope would fall for Thomas, given his past actions.

Doubting Thomas

Thomas has been dressing more warmly these days (more sweaters, softer colors), but that can’t erase the pain he inflicted on Hope. He lied to her by not letting her know that baby Beth was alive after Hope believed that her daughter had died. Okay, maybe Thomas could be forgiven for that — he loved Hope and didn’t want to lose her.

And it’s not like he kidnapped the infant. However, Thomas then went ahead and tried to ruin Hope’s mother Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) marriage to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) by reaching out to Child Protective Services to report himself, only to blame Brooke for the phony phone call.

Hope Logan Spencer: Smart Bold and the Beautiful Cookie

There’s an old expression that goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Hope knows Thomas is capable of doing bad things. Okay, he has been on his best behavior, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to do something dastardly once again.

We’re not even quite sure why Hope has feelings for Thomas. Is it his design talent? Is it the way he treats Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri)? Let’s face it — Thomas hasn’t always been so great with his son. Is Hope attracted to Thomas’s powerful physique? How could any of this trump the fact that he’s lied to Hope when she’s been at her most vulnerable?

Why Wyatt? Wyatt Not?

Frankly, it’d make much more sense for Hope to fall again for her brother-in-law Wyatt (Darin Brooks), a man who was once her husband. Sure, Hope married him on the rebound after she thought true love Liam wasn’t interested in her anymore, but it makes more sense for Hope to fall for Wyatt than it does Thomas.

Like Thomas, Wyatt is tall, dark, and handsome. He works in a business that’s adjacent to Hope’s world as Spencer Publications deals in the fashion world. Wyatt’s got a lot of great qualities, especially his jovial sense of humor. There’d be plenty of drama if Hope were to fall for Wyatt because he and his brother have a great bond. Plus, Wyatt has two other things going for him — he never kept Beth being alive a secret, and he never tried to hurt Brooke.

Sure, there’s the matter of Wyatt’s bride-to-be Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden). We haven’t forgotten that the two are engaged to be married. However, Wyatt’s more of a threat to Hope and Liam’s relationship if he’s single. There’s a history between Hope and Flo, as Flo was an after-the-fact accomplice to Beth’s kidnapping. So, there’s potential story for Flo in all this, too.

Hope wanting to be intimate with a man who’s been so cruel to her doesn’t track. Granted, passion doesn’t always follow a trail of logic. Hope falling for Wyatt could create tons of drama for nearly everyone on the canvas.

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