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B&B’s Finn Has Lost His Mind…But He’s Not Worse Than Liam Spencer

Finn has been compromised at the alter of Liam Spencer.

liam spencer messes up more than finn finnegan on bold and the beautiful.Finn Finnegan is not happy with Liam Spencer.

The Bold and the Beautiful once again found itself needing to write a brief exit story for Steffy so Jacqueline MacInnes Wood could go on maternity leave. However, the show didn’t have to do it by forgetting her last brief exit story all in favor of trying to make Liam Spencer look like a hero.

Finn Vs. Liam Spencer Commences

For some reason, B&B does not want Liam (Scott Clifton) to ever be with a woman who is not Hope (Annika Noelle) and who is not Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), despite the fact that both women are sick of his waffling. Steffy has matured and grown over the last few years, happy to have a man who loves and respects only her and never even looks at another woman. But, Hope has also grown weary of Liam, and Liam cannot be alone, so he has turned to Steffy again for the first time since she married Finn two years ago.

Finn has always had Liam’s number and knows just what kind of person he is, so it didn’t really surprise him when he learned that Liam swooped right in to inform Steffy — with video evidence — that Finn hugged his crazy bio mom, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). What did surprise everyone, including the audience, Li (Naomi Matsuda), Steffy, Sheila, and even Finn himself, was that he hugged Sheila in the first place. That was as unlike Finn as anything we have seen since the character was introduced, and for good reason.

In-Character Finn Would Never Hug Sheila

Let us not forget that just last year, before Wood’s last maternity leave, Sheila shot Steffy and Finn and left them for dead in an alley. Yes, she shot her own son, tried to keep him hostage when she learned he was alive, and chased the mother who raised him off a pier, leaving her for dead as well. When Finn was finally well enough to fight back after Li secretly kept him alive, he was very clear with Sheila about who his real mother was. So, hearing him call her mom after she saved Kelly while we remembered all she had done left a terrible taste in our mouths.

When Finn told Steffy that Sheila was a hero and that she should cut her some slack, our jaws fell to the floor as fast as Steffy’s. She took her children, went to stay with her grandfather, and will presumably leave Finn even further behind when Wood is off-screen with her new baby. Of course, Liam was right there waiting because he is essentially a predator with nothing more to do in life than bounce between baby mamas.

Liam Spencer Is The Worst

While we hope and expect Finn to revert to a more preferable form after this contrived and out-of-character breakup of “Sinn” is complete, Liam never changes form. He has no loyalties and shows no loyalties. It doesn’t matter to him how many times he has cheated on both Hope and Steffy, he can’t forgive a kiss, so his marriage is over because Hope finally realized she could do better.

Liam shed a tear for a hot minute and hadn’t mentioned Hope or their daughter Beth since he signed his divorce papers weeks ago. Instead, he turned his attention almost completely to Steffy and their daughter Kelly, not caring that Steffy is married. Before the divorce papers were signed, he even kissed Steffy twice without her permission. She chastised him both times, but that didn’t keep Liam from quickly seizing on an opening when he saw Finn and Sheila together. It didn’t matter to him when his own father was sleeping with Sheila earlier this year, but seeing Finn oddly hug his bio mom had him apoplectic. Or, it was a way to worm his way back into Steffy’s life when she was vulnerable.

Yes, Liam will always be Liam. And since we suspect Finn’s current odd behavior is a plot-induced personality detour, Liam Spencer remains the worst.

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