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Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton Offers Fashion Advice

The Liam Spencer actor offered some practical advice.

B&B Scott CliftonB&B Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton isn’t a fashion designer in real life, nor does he play one on TV in his role as Liam Spencer. However, The Bold and the Beautiful star recently shared his opinion on a fashion choice.

Scott Clifton Offers Practical Fashion Advice

Clifton’s thoughts on what to wear aren’t really about style but rather comfort and protection. “True story,” the actor began. “I don’t wear shorts. Never have. Unless I’m working out or swimming (or on set in costume), I’ve never liked the look, feel, or, frankly, the idea of trousers that just stop existing halfway down my leg. It’s weird, okay?

“I also hate feeling hot,” the actor continues. “I’d sooner freeze to death than endure the crippling agony of that first bead of sweat coalescing on my skin. (Surely you see the paradox here?)

“Given the last few weeks of sweltering California weather—basically the hottest summer on record—something had to give,” Clifton said. “So I cast aside both my pride and my neuroses, trudged ever-bravely into a Val Surf, and walked away with two—TWO!—brand new pairs of shorts. A whole new Me.”

As Murphy’s Law would have it, Clifton came to regret departing from his commitment to long-legged pants. “Cut to: the next day, [my son] Ford and I decide to go ride our bicycles at the park. Great opportunity to debut my pasty Scottish calves,” Clifton shared. “As I’m unloading the bikes from the back of my 4Runner, I realize my leg has been resting on the scalding hot tailpipe for several nanoseconds too long, leaving me with an incredibly painful, soot-black crescent tattoo.

“That was over a week ago, and it’s been healing nicely, but the moral of the story?” Clifton rhetorically asked. “Y’all short-wearing SOB’s take for granted the long-developed instinct to constantly protect your legs. This [expletive] comes with a learning curve.

“Thank you for coming to my TED Talk,” Scott Clifton concluded with a quip.

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