Maura West

Maura West

Birth Name: Maura Jo Snyder
Birth Place: Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Profession: Actor

Birth Name: Maura Jo Snyder
Birth Place: Springfield, Massachusetts
Profession: Actor


Born Maura Jo Snyder in Springfield, Massachusetts. Maura took her mother’s maiden name, West, when she pursued a career in acting. West graduated from the Boston University with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts.

Maura had a stage career in mind for her future but an As The World Turns casting director spotted her in a BU showcase production and hired her right out of college as Carly Tenney. As The World Turns was like a second family to West, who still stays in touch with many of her castmates. Of course, she met her future husband, Scott DeFreitas there as well.

ATWT was cancelled in 2010, but Maura barely skipped a beat and moved the family to Los Angeles to tackle the role of Diane Jenkins on the #1 soap, The Young and the Restless. The role was previously played by Alex Donnelley and Susan Walters, but West quickly made it her own.

Diane was killed off on The Young and the Restless in a Whodunnit? storyline, which played out for months, even had its on mini-site on the CBS/Sony website. Fans could follow the latest discoveries and suspects on the “Genoa City” police website following Detective Ronan Malloy’s investigation.

In 2013, Maura joined the cast of General Hospital as scheming Ava Jerome of the Jerome crime family, earning her a third Emmy for her gritty portrayal. Her front-burner storyline keeps her very busy but she managed to add a feature film to her resume in 2014 after completing Come Back To Me.

When she is not working, Maura likes to hang out with her husband Scott and five children. They are a close-knit group and love doing things together.

Fast Facts

  • Her marriage proposal from Scott DeFreitas was shown on the video screen in centerfield at Yankee Stadium.
  • Birth of her second child was featured on the Learning Channel’s A Baby Story.
  • She and her longtime acting partner Michael Park won best acting Daytime Emmys for their roles on As the World Turns in 2010, the year the soap went off the air after more than 53 years.
  • She was joined at the ceremony by her sobbing daughter, Katherine, who curtsied along with her mother after West’s acceptance speech.
  • West bounced back quickly from the demise of ATWT, joining the cast of Young and the Restless that same year, taking on the role of Diane Jenkins; the decision was partly spurred by her desire to stay with CBS.


  • Katherine West — Grandmother
  • Caroline West — Mother
  • Peter Snyder — Brother
  • Andrew Snyder — Brother
  • Amy Snyder — Sister
  • Scott DeFreitas — Spouse
  • Jonathan Knight — Ex-spouse
  • Benjamin Knight — Son
  • Joseph Peter DeFreitas — Son
  • Katherine Marie DeFreitas — Daughter
  • Basil John DeFreitas — Son
  • Birdie West DeFreitas — Daughter


For more than twenty two years, Maura West has provided fans with nearly non-stop entertainment with her roles as Carly Tenney Snyder on As The World Turns, Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless, and Ava Jerome on General Hospital, and she threw in a role in an Indy movie, Come Back to Me.

West may be an expert on playing characters we love and we love to hate. Bi-coastal, Maura currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Scott DeFreitas, her ATWT co-star, and her 5 children.

Maura West Photos

Actor (4 Credits)

Title Role Year

General Hospital (TV Show)

13919 — 2017
13918 — 2017
13917 — 2017

Ava Jerome 2017

The Young and the Restless (TV Show)

Sam Lashes Out at Adam — 2011
Sharon Receives Her Prison Sentence — 2011
Abby Confesses the Truth to Tucker — 2011

Diane Jenkins 2011

All My Children (TV Show)

All My Children — 2011

Diane 2011

As the World Turns (TV Show)

As the World Turns — 2010
As the World Turns — 2010
As the World Turns — 2010

Carly Tenney Snyder 2010

Guest (3 Credits)

Title Role Year

The View (TV Show)

The View — 2015


Soap Talk (TV Show)

Soap Talk — 2006


A Baby Story (TV Show)

Baby DeFrietas — 2000


Appearing (1 Credit)

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Daytime Emmy Awards (TV Show)