GH Match Game: Are Ava Jerome and Austin a Workable Couple?

Can a love story that started over a GH body work?

ava jerome and austin gatlin-holt on general hospital.Could this be a GH couple in the making?

During Roger Howarth’s first General Hospital stint, as reformed crazy serial killer Franco, he and Ava Jerome triggered some serious sparks. She even had him convinced he was her daughter’s father for a while. But, now that Howarth is Austin Holt-Gatlin, are they showing the same chemistry?

General Hospital: Ava Jerome: Good as Ever

Absolutely, 12% cheer. First of all, Maura West (Ava) can have chemistry with anyone – and often has been forced to. But, second of all, Ava and Austin are a fun idea. They’re both Port Charles outsiders, with a quirky view of the world…and not a care in the world about how the world views them. They get each other in a way nobody else does. Which is a great sign for the long-term future.

GH: Bad Blood

That’s not romantic chemistry, 19% of the audience objects. What Ava and Austin have is bad to the bone energy. They are good as fellow schemers, but sex isn’t part of the equation. OK, sex, maybe. But, not love. That’s where we draw the line.

Ava and Austin could never fall in love because they don’t trust each other. And because, honestly, we don’t think they even like each other. They like using each other, sure, but that’s professional, not personal. It takes one to know one – a schemer, that is. And that’s all that means.

Ava Jerome and Austin Gatlin-Holt: Pull the Plug

Just end this already, 69% of you beg. It’s not working. You can’t recreate Ava and Franco, and, if you’re trying to recreate Ava’s dangerous dynamic with Sonny (Maurice Benard), then Austin isn’t in the same league. Austin is goofier than Nik, less crazy than Ryan (Jon Lindstrom), and less moody than Silas (Michael Easton). In other words, he’s not much of anything. And not nearly good enough for Ava.

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