General Hospital Recap: Angry Ava Has Austin’s Number

The GH recap for June 28, 2023, has Ava learning how sneaky Austin can be.

the general hospital recap for june 28 2023 has ava realizing that austin is up to no good.Ava Jerome unleashed her fury on Austin.

The General Hospital recap features Ava totally panicking but learning Austin caused it all.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Avery was lost and found quickly, but Ava figured a few things out. Drew had to tell Scout he was going to prison while Carly learned just how much she would have to pay the SEC. Neddie decided to take Sonny up on a music offer, which did not make Nina happy. And finally, Brook Lynn did Tracy’s bidding while Lucy tried to get Felicia to do hers. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Ava Is Furious, Nina Is Worried

Ava (Maura West) was completely freaked out searching all over the park for Avery (Ava and Grace Scarola), but soon Chase (Josh Swickard) arrived with police help. Pilar explained that she only turned her back for a second while Ava told Chase she truly believed her daughter was kidnapped. Sonny (Maurice Benard) made it to the park just in time for Austin (Roger Howarth) to walk up to them with a balloon-carrying Avery.

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The little girl explained that she saw a bunch of balloons and wandered off. Austin was quick to point out that he found her, but Pilar wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Ava knew exactly what was going on at that point while Sonny questioned Pilar. She told Sonny she got a call that she thought was her grandmother but it was a telemarketer instead. When Sonny, Avery, and Pilar were gone, Ava accused Austin of setting the whole thing up and smacked him across the face.

Neddie (Wally Kurth) wasn’t happy that Dex (Evan Hofer) brought him back to Sonny’s place but Sonny refused to let him go. It also turned out that Neddie had done some research on Sonny’s life and he wondered if Sonny was just being nice to him due to his connection to Olivia (Lisa LoCicero). Sonny didn’t seem to care and then made Neddie an offer — he had connections to the music industry and could introduce him to the right people. However, he would have to stay in Port Charles.

As Neddie and Sonny discussed this offer, Ava interrupted with a frantic call about the missing Avery. Sonny quickly made his way to the park, leaving Neddie and Nina (Cynthia Watros) alone in his apartment. Once they got to talking, Nina did her best to downplay the PC music scene and made being on the road sound more appealing. When Sonny returned, Neddie told him he was ready to take Sonny up on his offer as a nervous Nina looked on.

GH Recap: Drew And Carly Have A Million Problems

Sam (Kelly Monaco) brought Scout by the Quartermaine mansion to see Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Tracy (Jane Elliot) was shocked to hear that Drew would be going to Pentonville for three years. Drew didn’t know how he would break the news to Scout so he asked for Sam’s advice. Tracy had her own advice — change his plea and throw Carly under the bus. Drew argued that what he was doing was for the best, but Sam didn’t agree and was quite vocal about it. Still, Drew made excuses while Sam wanted to know why there were no consequences for Carly.

Scout heard her parents raise their voices and wanted to know why her parents were fighting. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) was the one who was forced to smooth things over as Drew explained that he was going to have to go to prison for a few years. Scout just wanted to make sure she could visit her dad on weekends.

Joss (Eden McCoy) rushed into Carly’s (Laura Wright) kitchen in a huff because of Drew’s sentencing and demanded that Carly tell her what was going on. Carly only said that the judge wanted to make an example of Drew, but that wasn’t enough for an angry Joss. Carly thought her daughter blamed her for all this because she didn’t turn Sonny in.

Carly was glad when Josslyn softened towards her and told her that she might have been a little too hard on Sonny. She couldn’t forgive him completely, but she could let go of some of the anger.

Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) soon showed up in the kitchen to tell Carly her assets would no longer be frozen, but the fine she was being asked to pay was $5 million. Diane warned Carly she couldn’t get the money from Sonny cause the SEC would be suspicious of her having business ties to him. Michael (Chad Duell) also couldn’t help her so he could keep his name clean, so Carly seemed to be in big financial trouble. She then vowed to Josslyn that she would one day get everything back that she lost just as Drew walked in to spend his last free moments with her.

General Hospital Recap: Deception Problems

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) stopped by Deception with lunch for Maxie (Kirsten Storms), but she just wanted to know what she was doing there when she was supposed to have a day off. Brook Lynn explained she just wanted to be a friend to Maxie and asked a few questions about The Deceptor before Maxie started telling her about her plans to buy a house. She admitted she had emotional problems giving up her apartment because it reminded her of Nathan (Ryan Paevey).

As the two women talked, Maxie admitted how much she trusted Brook Lynn, which only made BLQ feel guilty because she was doing Tracy’s bidding. When Maxie had to step away, BLQ went right onto her laptop and found The Deceptor file that she downloaded onto a flash drive.

Martin (Michael E. Knight) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) met up with Mac (John J. York) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) at the Metro Court pool. Lucy quickly asked Marty to get her a drink so she could talk to Felicia alone. Lucy was quite curious as to why Martin has been acting strangely of late, especially when she talked about The Deceptor. She knew something fishy was up so she enlisted Felicia to help her find out.

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