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The Young and the Restless WILD SPEC: What If BILLY Is The Only Abbott?


Just imagine it. The black sheep. The half-brother. The one that came from John’s affair and then marriage to the much-younger Jill. What if after all is said and done, he’s the only true Abbott heir on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

We’ve known for decades Dina wasn’t the best mother in town and she had at least one affair that resulted in a child she passed off as John’s.

After all, she abandoned all three of her kids to go live the high life in Europe, and made a quick return so Ashley could learn John wasn’t her father, but Brent Davis was. This soon resulted in some serious Ashley mental trouble, but by then, Dina was gone like the wind once again.

For the last year, Dina’s been back and more self-centered than ever–and truly off the wall. We now know her flighty attitude is a result of Alzheimer’s and as she narrates her life to granddaughter, Abby, she’s saying a whole lot and nobody knows what’s true anymore.

Her latest tale has not only Ashley being the result of an affair, but Jack too!

WHOA! Is Dina confused or is Dina laying it all on the line? Well, Abby and Ashley HAD to know so they chose the DNA of the one person they know has to be a true Abbott to test Jack’s against.

No, no, no, not Billy’s. Traci’s, of course. Why on Earth would Ashley and Abby even remotely suspect Traci isn’t an Abbott when at this point Dina has announced her other two ‘Abbott’ children aren’t? (THINK, ladies, THINK!)

Just imagine the glee Jill will feel if she learns her precious baby boy Billy is the only true Abbott–the one who will inherit Jabot and all that comes with it. What a score!

And Jack and Ashley? The two who’ve been fighting it out for the top spot with Jack using a little known clause that only blood Abbotts could take the throne? Well, wouldn’t that show both of them?

As for Traci, she’ll just be happy for Billy since she loves him and she’s never around anyway. She got as far away from that Abbott clan as she could and is livin’ the life without them.

And even if the DNA test comes back saying Traci and Jack are not a match, that does not mean Traci is an Abbott and Jack is not…

The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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Video Credit: Messylin

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