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The Young and the Restless Wayback: Remember Malcolm Winters

The Young and the Restless Malcolm August 16, 2019The Young and the Restless

The Winters clan expanded on The Young and the Restless in 1994 with the arrival of Neil’s incredibly hot and ready for trouble half-brother, Malcolm. Soap opera history and Genoa City were never the same.

He was rough around the edges but thanks to his brother Neil, he became a better man. Here’s a look back at The Young and the Restless character of Malcolm Winters, brought to life for most of his run by Emmy-winner Shemar Moore.

Second Chances
Malcolm came to Genoa City hoping to reunite with Neil, a rising Jabot exec. Malcolm landed a job as Blade’s photography assistant, and things looked to finally be improving with Neil. That is, until one night when Malcolm visited Dru after she took some cold medicine. Woozy, she mistook him for Neil, and the two slept together.

Life Goes On
Malcolm tried to put the romp with Dru out of his mind. He took up with Dr. Stephanie Simmons, but they didn’t last. Blade died, and Malcolm took over his photography studio. Next, he fell in love with Keisha, not knowing she’d had an affair with Olivia’s husband Nathan and that she was HIV-positive. After Malcolm and Keesha exchanged wedding vows, she died.

Olivia, Callie, Alex
Malcolm wed Olivia after Nathan died, but their union didn’t last. Malcolm’s old fling, Callie, came to town and that helped end his marriage. Next, Malcolm competed with Neil (now single) for attorney Alex Perez. Later, Malcolm was presumed dead after a bridge collapse in Africa. It seemed as if Lily’s true paternity would never be exposed.

The Lion’s Den
However, a few years later, Malcolm returned. A paternity test was done on Lily, and after years of everyone assuming Neil was her dad, Malcolm was revealed as her father. Before leaving town again, Malcolm saved Devon, Neil and Dru’s adopted son, from a lion at the zoo. Malcolm didn’t take his role as Lily’s lightly — he returned to support her through a cancer battle.

Suddenly Sofia
Neil and Malcolm competed again for the affections of another woman — Sofia Dupre. Malcolm wed Sofia, but this time he was the one betrayed when Sofia discovered she was pregnant with Neil’s son, Moses. Malcolm, heartbroken, divorced Sofia and left town. He came back once more when Neil was temporarily blinded.

RIP, Neil Winters
Malcolm’s most recent return to Genoa City came after Neil died suddenly of a stroke. He spoke eloquently at his brother’s funeral. During his brief visit, Malcolm reconnected with Sofia, his friend Phyllis, his daughter Lily, and others. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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