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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Phyllis Ready to Tell Jack EVERYTHING?


Shocking The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Phyllis is nearing her breaking point. Hurting Jack over and over is too much, and she’s getting ready to confess!

A Neverending Love Affair!
As much as she tries, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) can’t keep her hands to herself. Her connection to Billy (Jason Thompson) is overwhelming, and the urge to be with him is too strong to resist. Deep in her heart she loves Jack, but her fire and passion are with his younger brother.

To make things even harder, Billy isn’t letting go either. He wants Phyllis by his side all the time. He’s ready to take his lumps like a man, and he wants Phyllis to do the same. The longer they wait the more pain they’ll cause, and Billy just wants to get it over and move on with their future.

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Trying to Have It All!
However, Phyllis tries one last time to have it her way. She leaves the Abbott cabin after her afternoon delight and returns to her husband’s side, but she doesn’t expect what’s coming next. Jack’s (Peter Bergman) caring and loving demeanor gets the best of her. Jack is a man who’s dedication to her knows no bounds and the more understanding he becomes of her excuses, the worse she feels.

Guilt Overwhelms Her!
It’s through tears that Phyllis looks like she’s finally getting up the courage to tell her husband the truth. After all the pain she’s put him through, it’s time he knows everything. Teasers show Phyllis is just seconds away from breaking Jack’s heart forever.

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