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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Patty’s On the Loose!


Shocking The Young and the Restless spoilers show life is about to get much worse for Sharon! In fact, this recent development will ensure she’ll never feel safe again!

Patty Breaks Free?!?!
Miss Patty Cakes (Stacy Haiduk) must have gotten tired of waiting on Sharon and decided to break herself out! According to teasers, she’s out of the hospital and ready to wreak havoc on the mommy of the baby bird!

Is She After Sharon?
Patty’s escape is a huge problem for Sharon (Sharon Case). An unmedicated Patty is a dangerous loose cannon! She’s a loon and now Sharon’s secret could come out at any moment! Patty is capable of just about anything, and no evil deed is out of her comfort zone.

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Who Will Protect Sharon Now?
The only two people Sharon has to protect her are Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Mariah (Camryn Grimes), and only one of them can know the truth. There’s no way Sharon can admit to Nick that the lunatic stalking her is none other than the resident crazy cat lady! If Nick doesn’t know how much danger there is, there’s no way for him to gauge how much trouble Sharon could be in!

How Far Will Sharon Go?!
Poor Sharon better make some decisions fast on how to take control of the situation. While bearing her soul and telling the truth will take all Patty’s power away, it would also cause her to lose Dylan (Steve Burton) and the baby. Sully may not be her biological son, but she loves him more than life. She knows the fallout will destroy her entire world and she may have to take drastic measures to keep her family fully intact!

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