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Can Nick and Dylan Get Past Their Differences?

The Young and the RestlessNick and Dylan on Y&R

The Young and the Restless has been downright Biblical lately, with brother versus brother bursting out all over.

Jack and Billy (Jason Thompson) may be feuding over a woman, but Nick and Dylan are truly blood brothers – fighting over a child (who isn’t, actually, either of theirs; we’re sure they’ll both have a good laugh over it once the truth finally comes out).

Will the heartbroken cop and the vengeful Newman scion ever reconcile? Here’s what almost 3,000 of you had to say about it.

Brotherly Love
So what if they didn’t grow up together, and were both married to Sharon (Sharon Case)? It seems 67% of you believe blood is thicker than water, and Nick and Dylan should put “bros before babies.” After all, Dylan only found out about Sully being Christian a couple of hours before Nick did. He’s a victim, too! Maybe they could both bond over that?

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Divide and Conquer
Still 21% of you, on the other hand, think the brothers’ divide over how to handle the Christian situation is just too deep to overcome. As long as Dylan (Steve Burton) believes he and Sharon have a place in the baby’s life, Nick is going to push back – hard. It probably stems from Nick’s insecurity over having missed the first year of Christian’s life (though that is how one goes with the flow baby, isn’t it?) and Nick’s worries over making another nearly fatal mistake, like the allergy scare. But Dylan is just a reminder of all that and, as long as Christian is in Nick’s life, Dylan can’t be.

So What?
And then there are the 21% of fans who really could not care less about this ongoing game of “Baby, Baby, Who’s Got the Baby?” Especially when they know that, ultimately, Nick (Joshua Morrow) isn’t going to get to keep him either. They voted an unhesitant “I can take it or leave it.” Meaning the storyline. And probably the baby, too.

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