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Why Do You Think Gloria Wants to Work with Chelsea?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Gloria’s eager to get her old job back at Chelsea’s design studios.

Finding out she’s already been replaced by Sharon (Sharon Case) has put a crimp in her plans, not that it will likely stop her. When Gloria wants something, she goes out and gets it no matter what the obstacles. And in this case she really wants and needs the gig since Jeffrey left her penniless.

But is that the main reason she wants to work at Chelsea 2.0? Soap Hub asked fans that very question and over 8,000 of you weighed in.

To Spy on Chloe
An overwhelming majority 96% of fans believe Gloria’s true motivation is more than just earning a living. You believe she really wants the job so she can keep an eye on Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

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Gloria’s convinced that Chloe can’t be trusted and fears she’ll end up breaking Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) heart again. She wants to get to the bottom of the secrets Chloe is keeping — among them finding out the identity of Bella’s daddy – and expose her for the lying manipulative wench she truly is.

She’s A Fashionista
Gloria’s got style pizzazz and bottom line — she just loves fashion say 3% of you. That’s why you think she wants the gig. If she’s got to work — and she does since Jeffrey absconded with all her cash — it might as well be in an industry she truly loves.

To Help the Company Grow
The remaining 1% of you believe Gloria’s (Judith Chapman) main motivation is to help Chelsea 2.0 grow. She was there when the company was getting off the ground. Now that it’s beginning to thrive, she wants be on board for the ride. And as a woman with a vision and a true eye for fashion, she truly believes she can help.

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