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Young and the Restless Crisis: Does Billy Even Want To Work For Lily?

Young and the Restless Billy and LilyYoung and the Restless Billy and Lily

When Billy Abbott’s mother swooped back onto The Young and the Restless and handed her late husband’s family company over to Lily Winters, Billy made noises about how happy he was playing second fiddle to his girlfriend.

Young and the Restless Polling

Billy, after all, is a modern, enlightened, and chill man. He has no trouble at all working for a woman. That’s what he says, anyway. But what does he actually mean? What almost 4,000 fans see onscreen:

Forget About It

Billy (Jason Thompson) is fine with working for Lily (Christel Khalil), 66% of you are putting that detail to the side to focus on a more important aspect: He’s not doing a good job at it. He’s too distracted by his podcast.

Billy makes a show of coming into the office several times a week, but, even then, his mind is still on what profound thing he’s going to murmur into his microphone. His public is waiting anxiously!

Young and the Restless: Over It

He checked out so long ago, 28% of the audience insist, that he probably has no idea what Chancellor Industries makes anymore. (To be honest, we have no idea what Chancellor Industries makes anymore. Did we ever know?)

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Lily needs to cut her losses, fire him…and offer the job to Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). Sally is a hard worker and, more importantly, Sally is hungry to prove what she can do. Lily will get more work out of her than she ever could out of an entitled trust-fund kid like Billy!

I’m Out Of Here

We’re just waiting for Billy to quit, 6% shrug. Did he ever want the job as anything beyond a way to prove to his mommy that he had it all together…and to Lily as evidence of his modern man bona fides? He doesn’t even like coming into the office! He prefers talking to himself!

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