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Who Is Endgame for Ravi?

Ravi on The Young and the RestlessRavi on The Young and the Restless

If The Young and the Restless’ Ravi (Abhi Sinha) keeps talking about how you don’t have to be an Alpha Male bully to be a securely strong man, and making romantic gestures like decorating his office for Valentine’s Day, he’s going to be fighting off fans – and Genoa City residents – with a stick.

But the question is: What does Ravi want, and who is he going to end up with in the end? Almost 3000 viewers are ready, willing and able to play match-maker!

Bring Me a Higher Love!
You’ve all taken a good, hard look at the YR canvas, and 55% of you have come to the conclusion that, frankly, nobody currently on it is good enough for a man like Ravi.

He needs someone new. Someone who will appreciate his brains, his sweetness, his taste in electronic music and his hobby of coming home, putting on headphones, listening to some tunes, and thinking.

Thoughtfulness is not exactly a hot commodity among Genoa City women. We may need to bring in reinforcements.

Love, Actu(Ashley)
Let’s not beat around the bush, here. We all know whom Ravi was brought in to romance, and 28% of fans wish they’d just get on with it, already. Ravi is obviously attracted, and Ashley is, too – whether she admits it or not.

She’s told Ravi about her dad, which is the same as getting John’s posthumous blessing. So what’s the hold up?

When She’s Bad, She’s Better
On the other hand, while Ravi got Ashley a Valentine’s Day gift, it was Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) whom he went out with that evening. You snooze, you lose. Ashley and Phyllis are clearly not playing it coy which could be why 17% of viewers want to see what sort of sparks might fly here, not only between Ravi and Phyllis, but between Phyllis and Ashley when she finds out!

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