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What’s Next For Jack and Gloria: The Twist You Didn’t See Coming

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Jack is plotting with Gloria to take over her daughter-in-law, Lauren’s, business. You’d think Jack would be leery of the woman who once got Jack fired from his own family’s company.

And you’d think Gloria would be wary of the man who tricked his father into disinheriting her. But, hey, they both think that, this time, they can totally manipulate the other and come out ahead.

Is business the only thing brewing between Jack and Gloria these days? Over 3000 of made your predictions:

The Smartest Ones In the Room
For 74% of viewers, this deal has Corporate Scandal written all over it. The last time Gloria (Judith Chapman) tried to “help” the Abbotts, she ended up tainting some face-cream, intending to discover the poisoning in the nick of time and coming up a hero.

Instead, a woman died, Jack (Peter Bergman) got fired, and Gloria ultimately lost the money she was planning on getting from Jack’s late father, John. So instead of win-win, it was lose-lose. And now they’re planning on joining forces to take over Fenmore?

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The Great Hate
Jack was responsible for John writing Gloria out of his will, and it’s unlikely that his ex-step-mother has ever forgotten it, especially now that she’s been fleeced by her most recent husband.
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19% of you think Jack and Gloria hate each other, and that they will always hate each other, no matter what happens.

Strange Bedfellows
Then again, we all know what happens when a couple keeps going on and on and on and on about how much they despise each other.

Yup, 7% of fans are convinced Jack and Gloria are headed for a romance. It makes sense, in a way. Jack’s gone after his dad’s women before. Right, Jill (Jess Walton)? Leanna? Gina? Gloria would only be another in a long list of his attempts to prove himself the better man.

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