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What Do You Want to See for Victoria and Billy?

Vicky and Billy on The Young and the RestlessVicky and Billy on The Young and the Restless

They may be divorced, but Victoria and Billy seem forever destined to be in each other’s orbit.

The couple share two children, Johnny and Katie, which is part of the reason. Then, there’s the fact that despite their numerous breakups and makeups, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Billy (Jason Thompson) remain totally connected.

They still have a special place in one other’s heart and share an unbreakable bond. What the future holds for The Young and the Restless twosome remains to be seen, but here’s what Soap Hub fans would like to see for them.

Viva “Villy”
So much for the soap’s attempt to pair Victoria with Travis and Billy with Phyllis. A resounding 69% of fans are rooting for a “Villy” reunion — and for good, this time.

You’re tired of their splits and aren’t buying their lame affairs or romances with others. Nothing can hold a candle to what Victoria and Billy share.

They’ll never be over and done. Y&R needs to realize this and put them back together. There’s plenty of story to tell for them as a couple; particularly given the history and animosity between the Newmans and the Abbotts.

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Separate Lives

On the other hand, 31% of you believe it’s time Victoria and Billy go their separate ways and find new loves. You feel Victoria might be on the right track with Travis and are hoping Billy finds a woman of his own — as long as she’s not named Phyllis.

You do, however, want Victoria and Billy to remain close friends. After all, the ex-spouses do have two children to consider, and they have to come first.

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