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The Young and the Restless Wayback: Remember Isabella

The Young and the Restless IsabellaThe Young and the Restless Isabella

Throughout soap opera history, bad girls have been known to stir the pot in order to get what they want! One such woman, Isabella Braña (played by Eva Longoria) of The Young and the Restless, crossed more than a few lines to get what she wanted out of life!

Opportunity Knocks
Christine Williams had moved to Hong Kong for work, which gave Michael Baldwin the idea to bring a mystery woman (Isabella) to town who could seduce Chris’ husband, Paul. Michael orchestrated it so that Paul and Isabella spent lots of time together. Isabella told Paul she was afraid of James, her ex-husband. Paul helped send James to jail, but Isabella confessed she wasn’t a total innocent. Paul was drawn to Isabella and forgave her.

Father’s Daze
Christine came home, hoping to work on her marriage to Paul. She walked in on Paul and Isabella kissing. Christine filed for divorce. Isabella became pregnant with Paul’s baby. Initially, she refrained from telling Paul because she believed he was still in love with Chris. Isabella and Michael had a brief affair and she let him believe he was the father. Michael began to warm to the idea of a life with Isabella and becoming a father.

Little Ricky
Paul learned Isabella was pregnant and offered to be there for her, but Mary, Paul’s mother, objected strenuously to her son having a relationship with a woman she didn’t trust. As Isabella pressured Paul into marriage, she gave birth to his son, Ricardo Carl aka “Ricky.” Christine returned to Genoa City once more, but she stayed away from Paul as not to interfere with his new role as father.

Unhappily Ever After
Paul agreed to marry Isabella and give their life together a shot. Meanwhile, Christine and Michael worked long hours together. She accepted the legal eagle’s marriage proposal. After Paul learned that his ex was going to marry Michael, he gave him a black eye. Paul then went to Chris’ apartment and forced himself on her. The next day, Chris left town.

Double Switch
Chris later returned to Genoa City, using a secret alias, Kelly Simmons, determined to learn all she could about Isabella. Paul and Christine came to terms with what had happened in her apartment, but he chose to stay with Isabella and their son.

Michael confessed to Chris that he had hired Isabella to come between her and Paul, prompting Chris to track down Paul in Los Angeles. There, the two made love. Paul moved out of his home with Isabella, which pushed her over the edge.

Murder Most Foul
Realizing that Paul was never going to get over Christine, Isabella faked her murder and did her best to frame Chris for her “death.” Shortly before Chris was set to be arrested, Isabella broke into Chris’ apartment and threatened to kill her with a really big knife!

Paul and Michael showed up and saved Chris’ life, subduing Isabella in the process. She was sent to a mental hospital, paving the way for Chris and Paul to reunite. Ricky went to live with his grandparents in Los Angeles. Paul, who didn’t have the best track record with his daughter, Heather, visited his son…infrequently.

Like Mother, Like Son
Just as Isabella had once threatened Chris with a knife, Ricky, as a grown man, now living in Genoa City, turned out to be troubled and dangerous. He held a knife to the neck of Michael’s sister Eden. Paul was forced to shoot and kill his son to save her.

Paul realized he needed to go to the sanitarium where Isabella was and inform her of their son’s fate. Paul relayed the news, but Isabella didn’t seem to comprehend the enormity of what he was saying due to her fragile condition. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Joy Mathys

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