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The Young and the Restless Star Sharon Case Speaks Out on Her Cancer Storyline

Sharon Case The Young and the RestlessSharon Case The Young and the Restless

Sharon Case is currently giving a tour-de-force performance on The Young and the Restless as her character, Sharon Newman, battles breast cancer. The tale is challenging but rewarding.

Sharon Case: An Emotional Story

“I was very flattered that anyone thought of me when this story came up in the writers’ meeting and that I’d be trusted to take it where it needs to go,” Case recently shared with TV Insider.

The actress believes that the pace of this tale is a throwback of sorts to the more introspective style that YR creator Bill Bell employed — where characters were perhaps a bit more thoughtful and took time to process and talk about events that were going on in their lives.

“This pacing is familiar to us,” the Emmy-winning actress notes. “It’s the way Bill Bell wrote the show…I can jump back into that!”

Often actors head to the Web for research when handed a story with technical terms and/or medical aspects. Case, however, says that she hasn’t done that for this story.

“When I did the bi-polar story, I did do research because certain things I learned about it informed my choices,” Case notes. “But in this story, the writers are writing what Sharon is feeling. It’s really dictated by the writers.

“I could do a lot of research, but [I don’t think] it’s going to matter,” she adds. “I do what the writers write. And they’re doing a great job! Also, we’re all fairly informed in today’s world about certain things. There’s nothing that’s been in the scripts that I haven’t understood.”

As to what happens next is anyone’s guess, but Case is happy to hear that fans are engaged in Sharon’s journey. “I love that the audience watches to see if it’s going where they think it is,” she says. “They want to see if they were right or wrong. It keeps people engaged in the story. I hope that they enjoy the journey.” The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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