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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: The Truth About Sully Comes Out!


The Young and the Restless Weekly Spoilers Update

Upcoming The Young and the Restless spoilers for October 31-November 4 promise the week fans have been waiting for – Sharon’s lies and secrets are coming out!

The Truth Rocks Sharon’s World!
Sharon’s (Sharon Case) known from the beginning she wouldn’t be able to keep the truth about Sully locked away forever and her life is about to come crashing down. The whole sordid tale is coming out in GC Buzz, and from that moment, nothing will ever be the same.

Poor Nick Can’t Get Over Sharon’s Deception!
Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) entire world will flip upside down when he hears the news his son is still alive. While he’ll be happy to be reunited with him, his anger at Sharon will never go away. She stole a whole year of his life, and he’ll never be able to forgive and forget. In fact, he wants justice!

Chelsea’s Conscious Gets the Best of Her!
However, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Victor are the only ones who know the real truth, and now it’s up to them to decide if they’re going to spill. Nick and Chelsea are getting close, but will she be able to confess that Christian was never his in the first place? If she doesn’t, she may be just as guilty as Sharon!

Sweet Dylan’s Life Will Never Be the Same!
Nick isn’t the only man feeling the sting of Sharon’s deception. Poor Dylan’s (Steve Burton) universe also shatters. He waited years for a child of his own only to have Sully ripped from his arms.

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Victor Outsmarts Jack!
Meanwhile, the Newman/Abbott war rages on. Just when Jack (Peter Bergman) and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) think they have the upper hand, they find Victor is already two steps ahead. The Mustache is almost impossible to beat, and if they don’t get creative, this battle will end before it even gets a chance to heat up.

Travis Feels the Burn!
Even Travis (Michael Roark) is starting to learn what it means to go behind Victor’s (Eric Braeden) back. His bid to try to save his boss ends with him barely hanging on to his job. The Mustache is less than impressed with his new minion’s performance and lets him know he’s walking a thin line.

Can Billy Bail Out His Brother?
Luckily, when it seems like all hope is gone for Jack and Phyllis, Billy (Jason Thompson) comes across some information that could blow Old Vic out of the water. But, will they use it and keep the battle going or concede the war and quit while they’re still somewhat unscathed?

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