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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Patty’s Still Under Lock Up!


Shocking The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal things aren’t always what they seem in Genoa City. There’s a plot twist that will rock Sharon’s world on a whole new level!

Patty Never Escaped!
Sharon’s (Sharon Case) stalker is running around nearly free, and she’s starting to realize her secret will never be safe! When she thinks she sees someone lurking outside her window, she’s sure it’s Patty-Cakes (Stacy Haiduk) coming to spill it all. While the crazy cat lady nearly escapes captivity, she’s fortunately still under lock and key.

Long-Buried Secrets!
However, that doesn’t mean much for Sharon. Patty’s disappearance turns out to be a false alarm when she’s still safe and sound inside the facility, but not before Paul (Doug Davidson) makes a few stunning discoveries. While searching for his sister he not only sees the name of a visitor that shocks him but Patty’s paintings seem to tell a story he can’t quite understand.

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Picture This…
It’s through Patty’s art that Paul starts to notice there’s something more to Dr. Anderson’s (Elizabeth Bogush) death than meets the eye. Painting after painting describe Patty’s time in Fairview in vivid detail. However, there’s one picture, in particular, that catches Paul off guard.

Why Is Patty Painting Sharon?
The painting depicts a pregnant Sharon all alone inside the mental facility. It’s lonely and haunting and raises a lot of questions for the police detective. Why would his sister have such an interest in Sharon’s pregnancy? While it could be because they were in Fairview together, there seems to be something more going on, and Paul wants to know the whole story.

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