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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Travis Not Really “Travis” After All?


The Terrible Truth About Travis?!

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Brand new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal some fascinating suspicions about Travis.

Travis Makes A Shocking Demand!
Working at Newman Enterprises using Vicky’s (Amelia Heinle) old office isn’t enough for a guy like Travis. He wants something bigger and better on his rise to the top. Travis (Michael Roark) wants Victor (Eric Braeden) to roll out the red carpet and hand him the keys to ADAM’S OFFICE!

Yes, you read that right! Travis wants to start his career at NE in the best possible way by taking over the office of Victor’s presumed-dead son. But why would he make the assumption he’s even close to the caliber of the late Adam Newman?

Is He Hiding a Secret Identity?
For a while now, some fans have thought there’s something up with Victoria’s new beau–something strange and hidden, and much worse than anyone could ever predict. Some think Travis is actually the real Gabe Bingham and he’s in Genoa City to get revenge against every single Newman in town!

While that’s a far stretch, who else would want to take Adam’s place as Victor’s right-hand man out of the blue? Travis has no reason to try to take over Adam’s old life, but Gabe certainly does! Adam not only took Gabriel’s face, but he took over his money, his house, and his life for quite a long time.

How Close is He to Ashley?
Of course, the fan rumors could be wrong, especially since Ashley (Eileen Davidson) seems to know the young man. It seems the two have quite the history and upcoming teasers reveal their time together may have gotten a little too cozy for Vicky’s comfort!

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The Young and the Restless Daily Spoilers Update

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