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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Dylan Goes After Victor!


When Dylan has a gut feeling, he becomes a man on a mission. New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal the detective keeps looking into the cause behind Adam’s untimely death. Unfortunately for him, Dylan seems to be the only man in GC searching for the truth.

Dylan Targets Victor!
Nothing can convince Dylan (Steve Burton) the explosion that killed Adam (Justin Hartley) was an accident. Deep down he knows Victor has to be involved in the incident. He wants to take down The Mustache and bring justice to his step-brother’s untimely death!

According to teasers from the September 19 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Dylan’s suspicions go wild when Victor (Eric Braeden) tries to thwart his investigation. When The Mustache shows up at the police station and causes an uproar, it is the just what the detective needs to confirm Victor’s part of the entire mess.

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With that in mind, Dylan stops at nothing to get to the truth. It’s a game of cat and mouse and this time, Victor could lose. He may think he has his bases covered, but did he think of everything? All it takes is one tiny clue overlooked, and the Newman CEO’s lies could get blown wide open.

Is Dylan in Danger?
However, Dylan seems to forget the power of Victor Newman! The man is a machine and has no qualms about taking down an enemy without a second thought. Dylan may have the law on his side, but The Mustache has money, power, and the ability to cover up even the most heinous crimes. Even a misstep from Dylan could throw him onto Victor’s vengeful path.

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