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Summer Newman Abbott Tells Daniel The Truth About Phyllis

The Y&R recap for Friday, April 28, 2023, brings brings Summer trying to get Daniel to believe the truth.

summer newman abbott has some big news for daniel in the young and the restless recap for april 28, 2023.Summer Newman Abbott has big news for big brother Daniel.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Summer Newman Abbott trying to get Daniel to believe the truth about their mom.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Michael begs Lauren to believe in him. Billy helps Jack (Peter Bergman) deal with his mourning so that he can look forward to the future in a healthy way. Finally, Tucker moves into the Abbott mansion, and Ashley lets her brother know that his demands go both ways. Now let’s dig in deeper to see what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Summer Newman Abbott Tells All

At the park, Summer (Allison Lanier) was alone, and she heard something. She called out, “Mom.” However, it was Daniel (Michael Graziadei). He’d come back to check on her, and Summer wondered if her brother had seen their mom too.

Daniel said Summer was overwhelmed, and he let her know that he saw Phyllis all the time, nearly everywhere he went. Summer insisted that it was real when she saw Phyllis. Daniel suggested that Summer’s mind was playing tricks on her.

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Summer looked incredibly upset as her brother went on about his grief, and she wondered, “What if I had answers to those questions” he had about their mom’s death? Summer declared, “Mom’s not dead.” She insisted that Phyllis was alive, but Daniel didn’t believe what she said. Summer begged Daniel to do something to save their mom.

summer newman abbott tells daniel the truth on young and the restless.
Daniel doesn’t believe Summer Newman Abbott on Young and the Restless.

Daniel begged his sister to let go, and he promised to be there with Summer as she grieved. Summer insisted that she’d seen Phyllis, but he said it wasn’t real. She cried because Daniel didn’t believe she was telling the truth, and Summer began yelling, “Mom.” Daniel hugged his sister.

Young and the Restless Recap: Summer Newman Abbott Just Can’t

Summer promised Daniel that she hadn’t had a psychotic break, and she wondered if Phyllis needed to call him, which shocked him. She declared that Phyllis would come back, but Daniel insisted that their mom was gone. He apologized, but Summer said it wasn’t about her feelings. “This is about the truth. I talked to her. She told me what happened,” Summer revealed.

Daniel went along with it, and he talked about what might happen if they took the story to Chance and Christine. He pointed out that if they found her, Phyllis would be in jail, and Diane would be set free. Daniel said he felt lost, just like Summer, and he promised her they’d get through it all together because that’s what Phyllis would want. They tearfully left the park together.

Young and the Restless: Believe In Me

Michael (Christian Le Blanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) had dinner at the jazz club, but she wasn’t very interested in talking with her husband about her day or the weather. Lauren wanted to talk about Phyllis, and she wanted to know how her husband justified defending their best friend’s murderer.

Michael couldn’t believe that Lauren believed Diane was guilty, and Lauren said both Christine and Chance were professionals who believed she was guilty too. She wanted to know why Michael had changed his mind, and she blamed it on his ego after his discussion with Victor and Nikki. That offended Michael, but Lauren said he didn’t care how she felt about the situation.

Michael said he’d taken Diane’s case because of Victor and Nikki’s rush to judgment to Diane, and he’d realized that Diane would have a jury just like that. Ultimately, he reminded Lauren that everybody deserved legal representation, and Lauren couldn’t argue with that, but she pointed out there were other lawyers.

Lauren said that Phyllis’s killer could go free because of Michael. “If that happens, I don’t know if I could ever look at you again,” she said. Michael said he wouldn’t be able to handle it if he’d gotten Phyllis’s murder off, and he let Lauren know that Diane wasn’t lying. He dropped the bombshell that Jeremy was dead, but he believed that Jeremy set up Diane.

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Lauren didn’t doubt that Jeremy played a role in Phyllis’s death, but she still blamed Diane. She refused to believe in Diane, but Michael begged his wife to believe in him. Lauren said she believed in her husband, but she refused to see Diane as innocent because of how difficult Diane had made Phyllis’s last few months, and she left the jazz club in tears because it was too painful.

Y&R Recap: What’s Good For The Goose

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) opened the door to Tucker (Trevor St. John), and she seemed surprised he was moving in already. She let him know he belonged there…so long as he behaved. Tucker kissed her, and he thanked Ashley for giving him hope about their relationship. Ashley showed Tucker around his new home.

ashley abbott welcomes tucker mccall to the abbott mansion on young and the restless.
Ashley Abbott welcomes Tucker home.

She noted that Tucker hadn’t brought much with him, and he admitted he hadn’t officially checked out of the Athletic Club. He wanted to know how the others (aside from Jack) would react to him living there, and Ashley reminded him that it was a big house. She told him not to be a hermit, and Ashley also encouraged her new roommate to think about what he wanted to do next since he wasn’t good at loose ends.

Ashley reminded Tucker that his whole identity was tied up in McCall, and she wanted him to figure out who he was now. However, Tucker said he was letting go of the past, and he was excited about the future. Tucker wanted to focus on Devon and Dominic and, of course, Ashley.

At Jabot, Jack showed up and found Billy (Jason Thompson) working late. He was glad his brother was there since he couldn’t give it his full attention. Billy offered to get Jack up to speed on a few things that needed his attention.

Jack explained he needed a sense of normalcy after seeing Diane. He let Billy know he’d asked Diane to get married right away. Of course, Diane failed to give him an answer, and Jack wasn’t sure why. Billy suggested that Jack had asked Diane to marry him immediately so there was something in his control, and Jack didn’t take too kindly to his analysis.

Of course, Billy pointed out that not too long ago, Jack was ready to spend the rest of his life with Phyllis, and he said Jack hadn’t even begun to mourn Phyllis. Jack insisted that his desire to marry Diane was separate from his mourning Phyllis, but Billy disagreed. Billy said Jack hadn’t taken a moment to breathe since the gala, and Jack agreed it had been chaotic.

Billy encouraged his brother to acknowledge how much Phyllis meant to him and allow himself time to grieve her loss. They both fondly remembered Phyllis as being one of a kind. Billy got a phone call from Chelsea that he had to take, so Jack flashed back to asking Phyllis to marry him and their struggles.

Billy returned, and he asked if Jack was okay. His brother said he would be, and Jack also praised Billy for being so wise about what he should do. “I needed to look back before I could begin to look forward,” Jack said. Even so, he was more ready than ever to marry Diane because life was so fragile.

At the Abbott mansion, Tucker and Ashley sat on the couch discussing his plans, when Jack walked in the front door. Tucker greeted Jack, and Ashley let her brother know that Tucker was moving in. Jack looked furious and stalked out of the room. “That went well,” Tucker noted.

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