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Y&R Spoilers Wild Speculation: Phyllis And Diane Team Up

Who will pay the price for this Y&R pairing?

y&r spoilers wild speculation banner over diane and phyllis.Why would Diane ever work with Phyllis Summers?

Y&R spoilers have been full of Phyllis and Diane’s hatred of each other. But we think hell may freeze over with Phyllis and Diane teaming up. Why? How? What for? We’re not saying it will be easy. We’re not saying it will go smoothly. But we do have an idea of what might make it happen.

Y&R Spoilers Wild Speculation: The Kids Aren’t Alright

Diane (Susan Walters) says she loves Kyle (Michael Mealor). Even though she spent a decade letting him think she was dead. Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) says she loves Summer (Allison Lanier). Even though she pulled her daughter into her own criminal, playing dead scheme. Now, their kids are separated, and both are miserable.

Young and the Restless: Double Mommer

Both Phyllis and Diane want their kids to be happy. Even if it means them being in-laws, they’d be willing to work together to reunite Summer and Kyle. But how? What could possibly heal all the damage that’s been done? Well, what if Phyllis and Diane pretended to bury the hatchet? After all, if they can change, anyone can change. (As Rocky mumbled after fighting Ivan Drago in Rocky III.) They’ll set an example for their children.

Y&R: But Wait, There’s More

Sure, Diane and Phyllis love Kyle and Summer, and they’ll do anything to make them happy. But, if they’re putting a wacky scheme into place, why not get a little something for themselves? Diane can ask Phyllis to help her frame Billy (Jason Thompson) for the crime that Phyllis already framed him for. Why? So that Kyle can swoop in and become Jack’s right-hand man again. Diane will do anything for her son!

Y&R Spoilers: Collateral Damage

Sure, Phyllis was reluctant to hurt Billy before. But she did it when Tucker (Trevor St. John) blackmailed her — in order to pay off her own debts. So why not do it for Summer, too? Phyllis can throw Billy under the bus if it means her daughter will reunite with her husband…and stop blaming Phyllis for breaking up her marriage. Which, once again, would be good for Phyllis. No, sorry! Phyllis will do anything for her daughter! There. Now we’re even.

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